Q1116. Can’t handle letting go?


I haven’t had contact with my twinflame for 7 months, I thought I could handle it, but it turned out to be different. We have known each other for 16 years and have had no contact for up to 8 years. This time he left without saying anything, just “disappearing” from anger, I deleted his contact and then found out that he had a serious form of fear of attachment, and I also in a lesser measure. Before he disappeared, we had something again for 6 months, it was again incredibly intense, strong, full of love and wonderful feelings. I am afraid that I will never see him again .. in this life .. but I still feel him, fuss about it. After these 7 months the hope becomes smaller that he will contact. I will only want to be in contact if friends are no longer. I feel sad and loose and it makes me physically sick. Can someone help me and give tips? I have tried everything to keep it active but it keeps coming back.

Answer 1
Well I can let go, but apparently not my twinflame, he keeps on pulling energetically or in other ways I know; consciously or unconsciously of course I don’t know that. With the result that I am not really calm about it, I literally get heart rhythm disorders and sleepless nights, until I drop, I think.

Answer 2
I keep going I think … On the way home I could feel him tonight, I get images with his face and then the wind started to blow harder .. It was so intense that I got tears in my eyes spontaneously. I didn’t feel sad. I keep receiving signs all day long. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Answer 3
Well my soul love doesn’t leave me alone either because I have her in my head every day. I don’t mind that but sometimes I get tired of it because you can’t do anything with it. She doesn’t even make contact, although I did. If she contacted me, that would be nice and a lot would become clear. There would be some frustration with her and with me too.

Answer 4
Well I do not know if he will not let me go or I will but I also try not to think of my Soul Love I get all kinds of ticks on my path. Eg this morning on my way to work I saw 2 swans swimming in front of me … swans are a sign of him, we … 13 years ago he sent me a letter with a stamp on it with 2 swans in the shape of a heart .. Every time since that day I saw swans I knew that I would soon see, hear or read him again … I miss him so much!