Q0895. Unbearable emotion


Sometimes I have such an unbearable emotion, could that be the growth between me and my twinflame? I don’t have that every day, but once in a while.

Answer 1
I also regularly have unbearable emotions. They come from my twinflame, because they pass that on to me and I can’t stop it. He is currently feeling bad, so I automatically. I am restless all the time and cannot relax. I get angry about that too, I only had trouble with that whole twinflame event. From me they can put it up. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Very recognizable, what a knockout feeling can that give? Fortunately that happens to me every once in a while and not every day. I have heard from my twin that he sometimes has those moments and in retrospect it turns out to be often synchronous with the moments when I experience that emotion. I am also very curious what this meaning has… (Unknown)

Answer 3
What do you mean by unbearable emotion? And what is every so often? Can you be a little more specific? (Who knows)

Answer 4
What do you mean by unbearable emotion? I do experience my feelings very intensely since I know who my twinflame is. Everything is magnified, more intense. And in sadness that is not nice, that goes to the bone sometimes. I think that has to do with growth, with the whole process of twinflames and getting to know yourself. (Unknown)

Answer 5
I have come a lot closer to myself. I experienced 1 unbearable emotion for 1 day and today it is completely gone again. And I clearly notice the difference with before. I am a lot more critical and I experience more self-confidence, wisdom and things are easier for me. Something has also happened to my twinflame, I can feel her character and feeling better. (Unknown)

Answer 6
I know what you mean. Answer 1: I found the twinflame event a block on my leg. The emotions of him just popped into me whether it came true or not. Recently I got a huge cry, it turned out to be from him. His unrest is infinitely pushed through in my feeling, very annoying. Every evening I now send love and rest to him and place myself in a cocoon, I visualize that. It helps well. After a period of attraction and rejection, our contact is frequent, but stay alert that I have to stay strong and conscious with myself. (Manon)