Q0868. Feeling special


Since I met my twinflame I have been busy with the twinflame thing all day. Since then I have started to think differently. Since that meeting I also feel a bit special. Do you have that too?

Answer 1
Actually before that time. As if I had to do something special. I only understood what it was about when I met my twinflame. But too often we have the idea that we are just very ordinary, while we are all special. We often think that we don’t matter in the world. Nothing is less true. Something special must happen before we feel it. (Arundash)

Answer 2
Yes, that is because your spiritual development is accelerating as soon as you are aware of your twinflame; then there is an extra dimension in your thinking, feeling, being. On an unconscious level, the (many) previous lives also play a role with your twin, which now also affects you. That makes it all that you feel special and VERY. (Who knows)

Answer 3
I no longer have a sense of time, at least, I know 100% that after death there is a transition to heaven or to another dimension. Because I have gained so many experiences and know things about people. I just stay myself I don’t need to feel special I just have talent for the 6th sense and I don’t need to bring that out either. Sometimes people I have given a reading sometimes look at me for a long time with question marks. I then pretend that nothing is wrong. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Beautiful words (wieweet), my thanks for that .. It is indeed true, certainly when I look back at myself and see how, in a year and a half, I have grown spiritually … Unbelievable .. !! After my soul love I had another girlfriend for a while and he really thought I was (well meant) a oude ziel… Sometimes I also hear myself just talking without really having to think about it, giving advice, wijze woordenetc. All the essentials also have no influence me more and I now see that the most beautiful things in life are simply free. And what a sadness I had for her, terrible .. Now I just want to thank her, and show her and myself that the purest form of love is just letting go … and I am waiting for her, forever and ever .. Everything is just right … (TD)

Answer 5
Twin souls are like a memory metal : after activation they want to return to their original form (Wieweet)

Answer 6
And that original form can be obtained by bringing the two again into one .. As it was before we were separated from each other, wasn’t it (wieweet) .. ?? (TD)

Answer 7
Exactly, TD, I mean that (Wieweet)

Answer 8
hahaha, I have to say (wieweet), I often read your written pieces with admiration … Keep it up! (TD