Q1115. On a different level?


Do you sometimes notice or feel that you are on a different level than an earthly personality?

Answer 1
At certain moments, but also those who know what soul love and twinflames are and have experience with it, are ordinary mortals like everyone else. However, you sometimes notice that you know something ‘extras’, an extra dimension has been added to your life and that is very special. Soul love makes me look at life much wider than I could before. I also notice that I can’t talk to anyone about it because nobody understands it and is busy with things like this, except for my twinflame. But I never have a chance to really talk to him. There are usually others. But a glance into each other’s eyes says much more than a thousand words. I know and he knows that we share a soul. We think the same, often have the same pains, experience similar things and have the same taste in many things.