Q1107. Does the other person feel the same energy?


Yesterday we saw each other again and immediately there was that enormous energy between us that others also seemed to pick up because they were watching us. I can’t help it but when we see each other we both start to shine. The conversation runs naturally and we just understand each other, even without words. After a meeting I always feel so “upgraded” in my feeling and wonder if the other person will feel that too?

Answer 1
Yes, he feels that I also felt it yesterday with another girl who I also know from a previous life. We have probably had something together in that life.

Answer 2
Yes he feels that too. I feel exactly what you describe with my twinflame.

Okay, that’s great. I asked the question. Sometimes it is as if I can read his mind and he read mine. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes I have heard the thoughts of other people several times. Very strange in the beginning and I thought I was going crazy. So I heard what a nice boy that is. And there I want to go to bed and what a nice boy is that. Next time I will test it haha.

Answer 4
Even through the telephone you feel each other’s energy. You only need half a word. When you are really in each other’s presence you can almost feel the energy jump back and forth. Other people also see it in us, apparently we cannot hide it. I shine when I see him or even hear his name.

Answer 5
I wish I could take her in my arms and whisper in her ears what I feel for her.

Answer 6
I always meet my twinflame in my dreams. Those are not just dreams but real astral encounters in which I can really feel him. Simply, physically, the fabric of his sweater, his skin, everything. The other day it happened, we greeted each other with three kisses on the cheek and then I opened my arms to give him a hug. We held each other for a few seconds and it was heavenly. I wonder if he has the same experience, and if he can remember when he wakes up …

Answer 7
I can remember everything I am experiencing. I can recall all my astral experiences. Sometimes I get excited about her when we have just had his experience. It is lifelike so pure and pure and intense just not to be understood haha.