Q1101. Flight behavior, or what he really wants?


I can feel everything that he does but on earth level he walks around me with a big bow. There has been a lot of attraction and repulsion, sometimes also from my side (while I did not want this) just as if it were not allowed yet. We also hurt each other with statements or behavior. He now has a new relationship. Is this flight behavior or really what he wants …? Dream a lot about him and think this is a dream or something else, all very strange and incomprehensible.

Answer 1
You feel each other out and you are both afraid of a confrontation with each other. That is why you avoid each other but you prefer to be together but you dare not take that step. He would prefer to be with you

Thank you for your explanation. What I just don’t understand is why everything has to be so difficult, I have the feeling that I am ready for it now. The realization that he might live on, eg getting married or having children with someone else is pretty difficult for me to crumble. I also understand that you should never wait and continue to live your own life, but what if you notice that there will probably never be someone else who will give the same feeling, will he settle for less? I have had fairly clear dreams, first running away until finally dreaming that he is the one and stood in front of me. Thanks in advance for reading !! (Unknown)

Answer 2
You have already had the major thorough cleaning of the process. Then you can still close that and start again but with your soul love and that is the true one. I am also ready for her and I cannot enter into a relationship with anyone else I love her too much even though she does not see me. To all those years I only walk around with a smile. I don’t know what she says about it, but she evokes a blissful feeling in me. My twinflame also always walked away but she is getting closer.

Answer 3
Remco, I regularly read your messages because I like to read how a man experiences this whole event now. I hope so for you that it will be something with your soul darling.

Answer 4
That becomes difficult because she is in a relationship but we do see how the gap develops. But I will no longer wait

I am the questioner; thanks for all your responses. Notice that everyone is walking in his or her path, but quite right. I hope that many can resign themselves and perhaps in a very short time be able to make a connection with their twinflame. I do have a question about why we; there are many couples together and never wondering, the whole twinflame will happen. Why us Is this the highly sensitive or maybe you have paranormal sensitivities … I don’t know (Unknown)

Answer 5
: Ask the questioner: ask Remco; you say she is getting closer and closer … Is this your feeling or because of earthly things .. I’m curious about this.

Answer 6
I am also married in the same situation. I had doubted to make a choice and my twinflame decided to let go and start a different relationship. Is this also flights? Of course I can’t keep my twinflame on the line and I also have to learn to let go. But that pain is certainly still there. I also think a lot about him … maybe my twinflame is the right choice.

Answer 7
I also fled! With the greatest feeling of loss afterwards. However, unable to make contact. Too intense, too overwhelming. He is my soul love. However, if he came now … I don’t know if I would be ready now.