Q0968. Different signs?


In 2008 I met my twinflame and had to let him go again. Since then I come across his name almost daily and stronger during transition periods. For example if I make an important life decision. There are also bizarre accidental connections between our lives. But … For some time now, I also come across the name of a man I used to like. I don’t get it, what is meant. I ask the universe for an answer but I am not sure yet. I am about to try to get pregnant through a sperm donor bank. Would the universe advise that other man as a donor. Don’t get it. Has anyone ever seen another name besides twinflame as a sign?

Answer 1
Perhaps the seed of that other man who is not your twinflame is better or stronger / healthier.

Answer 2
I also had a while. Right on the corner, where I went every week, there was a flower shop with the name of twinflame. Later, twinflame faded into the background and I felt attracted to someone else (was merely lust, very different from twinflame, because that is not the case with us – I hope it will work out well). What do you think there will be a new cafe in the street with the name of that other man. Thought my wishes somehow manifested themselves that way. So it was up to me and what I wanted instead of that twinflame was something special, but yes that was more than 15 years ago and now I am here asking and answering on this site, so that says enough. Listen to your feelings!

Answer 3
Why did you have to let go of your twinflame again?

Answer 4
I am the questioner. Good to hear, answer 2, that you had this too. I idd now also fear that the twinflame signs are caused by my own wish and that I often see the name of the other man because I think of that name. So that there is no twinflame at all but a kind of thought force. Can you be reassured like this? Maybe it means the other man is thinking of me? I don’t want anything with him.

Answer 5
I always see a picture of my twinflame when I’m on the racing bike or the mountain bike haha. It’s just there and you don’t do anything about it. Not that I mind because it gives a blissful feeling. It will be difficult to get rid of everything because you are fused with your twinflame. I would say write a letter to God that you want another twinflame.

Answer 6
Do you still have doubts about your love for your twinflame? Do you only want to be pregnant because you feel like it (not meant to be wrong)? Ego is an annoying thing and constantly checks whether we are still going for our twinflame. We all come across people on our path who are bringing us closer to our goal or trying to get it (ego). It is about setting priorities for yourself. Every process is different and you must listen carefully to your heart what the message is in this. My example: I will be 31 this year and I would love to have children. I also thought to look for a donor until I finally realized that I only wanted my twinflame (ren). You can always ask if he would like to be a donor. I hope you also get clarity about your situation. I’m curious about your answer.
(Alicia S.)