Q1091. How do I know if the feeling is mutual?


An online relationship with a man I have never met live for a number of years. Online with a webcam. Strong feelings, in particular enormous attraction. He constantly attracts and repels. He’s in a relationship, not me. If it were only attractive, this line would no longer exist, we are always looking for each other again after sometimes being quiet for months. He is not a talker and finds it very confronting. Everything I read here applies to me. But how do I know if this is mutual, the person in question is at the moment not yet ready to talk openly about this with me, I can feel it in everything … Who oh who recognizes this .. and how do you get there then behind?

Answer 1
Do you also meet each other in your dreams?

Answer 2
Yes I do meet him in my dreams. The sexual attraction splashes with us, this while we have never really met. If I get too close, he becomes emotional and sometimes I don’t hear from him for months. And then suddenly he is back and immediately splashes it again. So I don’t know if he meets me in his dreams, at this stage he really can’t handle these kinds of questions. And I become uncertain in the silent periods …