Q1084. Let go or wait?


hi dear people, at the moment i am madly in love with a married man and not even a year ago i was married. divorced because I lost love and it appears that I made the right decision. the married man is my employer and we feel everything so intensely and so often do not have to say anything to each other about what we feel. we have never felt so intense for another person and I am now investigating what I have. I broke up about 20 times and he maintained this about 20 times. at first I thought it was sex and not anymore. I love him dearly and he loves me and we can’t be together yet. I don’t want to be the person who breaks his marriage and makes the children unhappy, but I can’t let him go. we set a date to be together and that is in Feb 2013 and we have had a relationship for two years. is he my soul love? I have to let him go and leave him with his family because there! I have no problem with that but he does … he wants to be happy with me. or do I have to wait until our date? he does not feel that he is cheating on her wife because of the intensity of his feelings towards me. Thank you for the response

Answer 1
If you both have the feeling for each other then why not. The children will get over it again.