Q1083. Disguised questions?


Does anyone here have experience with disguised questions asked by your twinflame? My twinflame does this (I think) and I wonder what he means by it. An example is this: we went somewhere together and I slept very badly the night before. I told him this and then he said “do you find it so exciting?” It felt like he was polling me about my feeling about our meeting. He often makes comments like this and always feels that he means something more than the actual question. Do I see ghosts or am I right?

Answer 1
Emotionally, I think you see ghosts. Who knows, he might be a little nervous, so if you find it exciting, I think it’s a sweet question. And don’t forget that a soulmate always makes you think much more than anyone else in your life. In the beginning, I always sat on the cupboard when he said something, while now I have to laugh about it, because it said so much about myself.

Answer 2
Maybe he is looking for you here on the forum and that’s why he asks you those questions.

Answer 3
I also have the feeling that he sometimes comes here, although I cannot prove it or be sure. I asked the question and he said much more than my example. Even clearer things. Whether I see ghosts? I don’t think so. I think he wants more clarity from me, but I cannot give it to him now. I can hardly say that I am his twinflame and I love him infinitely unconditionally.

Answer 4
Have you had a soul fusion if you are, then you are the soul love.

Answer 5
@ 4, yes, we had that two years ago. I now know for sure that he is my twinflame. But now the misery starts well. I have never felt as bad as the last six months.