Q1078. How do you see the future with your twinflame?


How do you see the future with your twinflame?

Answer 1
We will be together someday, I hold on to that. Not yet, there is too much noise!

Answer 2
I would like to be with my dear twinflame forever.

Answer 3
I see twinflame and myself coming together in the future (and whether that is in this life or in a next one I don’t know). We have also been together for this life, but I am not sure if we consciously knew then that we are soul lovers. He will have learned a lot from his current relationship and will not make the same mistakes again. The same goes for me. For the time being we have to do without each other.

Answer 4
As a story with an open end..I really would not know where it goes. And luckily I have now resigned myself to that. I just so badly wanted him to do better. He has it so hard and he cannot be helped.

Answer 5
How I want to see it: TOGETHER yeahh … ..! But when I stand with both feet on the ground again: “we will have to be ready”

Answer 6
I foresee that we will be together within two years. We have had a relationship twice in this life 31 years ago and 23 years ago. We now have contact, spiritual, physical and sexual. She still opts for her wedding safety net, but there are already cracks. It will be alright.