Q1077. Who has a love-hate relationship?


Who has a love-hate relationship? At least not me but I read a lot of negative stories. From blunt jerk to hoping to never see him again. But despite you not being allowed to each other you will have to continue together anyway. As long as you judge your twinflame, the harder the confrontation becomes.

Answer 1
I know that I (and he) can’t get out of this band, it’s a given. I have had so much indisputable evidence that he and I are twinflames. But you are not there with that. Then the whole process begins. I know that judging does not take us further, but I do not have to take everything from him. He sometimes hurts me with his words and that hurts. conversely I sometimes do that sometimes. We are both still completely in a development and it is not going without a struggle. It is progressing slowly. But it is rather a step forward, two steps back.

Answer 2
Hate love, it has become our life for 10y now and it starts to blow my throat. I’m getting tired of it. I think I’ll have to take myself more seriously and stick to my own limits. Twinflame or not, there are effective limits. I don’t even want to be intimate with my twinflame, there isn’t so much between us that still binds us. I now think more about it than about our love bond. There is not even trust, so what are you doing then I wonder. Am I worth so little then? It is often about self-esteem. Self love is the most important thing in a relationship I think. If that is always brought down, it is no longer necessary for me, even with a twinflame.