Q0700. My twin must drink first


My twin must first drink before he can allow his feeling. Well, it may be a little weird, but I have recently noticed that my twin must first drink (alcohol) before he can do “normal” to me. By normal I mean that he can be in contact with me without too much ego. He is as I know he is, sweet, vulnerable, and sensitive. However, I think it is such a shame that he needs that to get to his feeling. Could I help him in some way to do this differently?

Answer 1
Very recognizable! My twin has that too. When he was still drinking alcohol we had regular contact and we also had very nice hours together, communicating telepathically and energy flows back and forth .. But since a year he has stopped and we actually have no contact anymore. If there is contact already (2 or 3 times) then it is cool, aloof and sometimes even angry. Wish he would have a drink now and again;)! Well Ego, walls, islets .. defense is just weaker if you drink some alcohol .. I just assume that it is not yet his time to get to his feeling, still too old very old what he did not finish has. Unfortunately .. It is a very difficult process that soul love happens! (Unknown)

Answer 2
I recognize that you first had a drink and then a bit easier in your feeling I also always felt very nervous and then helps a drink to calm down. I sometimes take one or two drinks like me am somewhere to talk easily and to find it more pleasant without twin. Is that sadness / anger / adapting to other energy? Can twins also be so sensitive that they really feel everything from each other? (Unknown)

Answer 3
No, I don’t think so, all he needs is self-reflection. And you can only have patience, love and not imitate it, so sit down and not drink, just calm down stay yourself. You should not do anything, just let it go. Please do not become a control freak. My experience is: the more spiritual one becomes, the less need for anesthesia and the more self-discipline one gets. (Who knows)

Answer 4 Ask
the universe to make it clear to him that it is not necessary to drink before going to you and sending him a lot of love. Last year before I went to my soul love, I drank two beers, because I had not seen her in 29 years. In retrospect it was clear to me that it is really unnecessary to drink before seeing her, because seeing my twin gave me so much peace that the beers were really unnecessary and the next time I go to her again I don’t drink a drop . (Unknown)

Answer 5
Yes, if you first have to anesthetize to be able to reach your feelings, then there is still too much old, I think. Just keep sending him love, it is a long and arduous process and hopefully there will come a time when he can reach his deepest feelings without alcohol. (Victoria)

Answer 6
I asked the question; I also notice that the nerves can be calmed down with a glass of wine or two. Then I also feel more relaxed. But I don’t need to get to my feeling or break down walls. Because I don’t have that against my twinflame. He flees in more things but alcohol, but this is the most striking because when he has drunk something, he suddenly becomes a lot more honest in his attitude and feeling towards me. Then he really will say. It lifts its ego for a moment. That also means that without alcohol that ego is terribly in the way and he rejects me and sometimes just ignores me. But I know he’s not like that. It is fear. And I would love to see him let go. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Yesterday it was that time again; twinflame has some alcohol behind the teeth and becomes very loose-fitting. He sometimes says offensive things that he complicates with a slap on my shoulder. Just at the last minute (I left) he said where my partner was with me that I wanted to see him so badly. Ehhh, and thanks. I had a lot to explain after that. I am increasingly annoyed by his behavior. To the fact that he has to drink and only then can he be a bit relaxed and be himself. And at the same time I feel compassion, love and wish him that one day he will no longer need this. In the meantime I can feel everything that he has feelings for me, I know that 100% sure. But he is very busy getting out of it, running away from it and pretending that everything comes from me. Very exhausting. But all I can do is give a counter-reaction in the form of sending love, radiating love to him. Because in the end only that will help him to get out of that lonely struggle. (Unknown)