Q1216. Soul love?


Since a few months I have met my twinflame,
We have a strong sexual relationship. It’s nice to be with him. Even when he is not there, feel a warm energy with me. We are very fond of each other. I’m getting a divorce, but he can’t leave his wife. Because then he will destroy everything. Is this normal if you both want to be together? My world is upside down.

Answer 1
So that is not the intention of soul love. Building your happiness on the misfortune of others. That is not a true twinflame idea. You must give it time and trust what is to come, that is, have faith in what the universe means to you. And in the meantime start working on yourself. Soul love is not a romantic story! It is hard work !!

Answer 2
Yes why not you are destined for each other. Besides, I also have warm energy recently.

Answer 3
In my opinion, soul love also adheres to earthly laws or norms and values. You love a married man but he doesn’t want to divorce his wife. Are you sure that there is no question that this gentleman just eats two things? I wish you lots of love and wisdom.

Answer 4
I recognize the story of the questioner very strongly, but as a man. I think it’s best not to have physical contact with each other anymore. It does not help you and him. He will find with you what he misses (very much) in his relationship, but if, after your contact, he lets his guilt come back up and crawls back, you will be left ‘alone’ again. Such a situation can drag on for a long time, and those who wait wait, but only, wait. And being together is probably the drive for you to continue because it feels so good and so familiar, but it is also a source of nourishment for the relationship between your twinflame and his wife. You cannot say to him: when will you choose me completely? That is really not the intention and can be very counterproductive. Tell him how you see the future with him and that you will be there for him. However, it is he himself who needs to know and realize and feel what he really wants. If he had to say afterwards: “I!
stay with my wife ‘, there is nothing wrong with that, that is his own choice and then you know where you stand. And you shouldn’t think, oh, he doesn’t like me anymore or he doesn’t want me anymore. That bond remains and the future will show whether you physically come back to each other and you will never actually be apart. And I just do not believe that friends will remain. Certain twinflames will succeed but if that physical attraction is so huge it is oh so difficult to just stay friends. So let it go now, try it, it hurts a lot, the lack is sometimes unbearable but you cannot lose yourself in your twinflame. Do nice things, like dancing, get to know other people and your twinflame will always carry you in your heart. It is as the person from answer 1 wrote.

Answer 5
I agree with the answer from the man above. The bond between twinflames can and will never be broken, you are always together, even if it is not physical. Your desire for the other is very understandable, that also comes from two sides. I am also in that situation myself; have a twinflame who is single, and I am married myself. I can’t leave my husband because I don’t want to make anyone unhappy, so he and my children. But I know that my twinflame and I will someday come together in years. I got that and I’m looking forward to it. I hope that until that time we can resist the desire for each other because that is very difficult.

Answer 6
When meeting a soul love, it often happens that both are in a relationship and even 1 of them is married. You get insights about your own relationship, that you can do better / differently. In fact, it is made clear to you that a relationship is meant to be on one line together and that requires more depth. The point is then, apart from your soul love that you care for yourself; choose your feeling.
The fact that he cannot leave his wife yet is often the fear that he has no safety net. He will first have to become more powerful, so that he can stand up more for himself and then take that step. He must make that step himself and you must certainly not force him into it. Stay yourself and don’t sit in your own fear. The more you stay yourself, the more he will come to you precisely because this feels good.