Q1068. Do I have to listen to my feelings or do I have to hide it?


My soul love and I are today 3 weeks after a relationship of 4 years away from each other, my feeling says that we come together again because it is clear that we belong together, I have to listen to my feelings or put it away today I feel for the first time that he no longer misses me, however strange that may sound. ps I totally ruined it because of my borderline and fear of losing it. I hope for answers. Thanks in advance.

Answer 1
I will listen to your soul and you can get the truth out of it. Your souls are pure and always speak the truth. From that you can make out your feeling who is really important to you.

Answer 2
That he won’t miss you after 3 weeks can be nonsense. But he can hide it as well as you. Although that will make little difference. Subconsciously the process continues, the attraction does not go away, if it really is your twin. What you can do is make sure that you grow yourself, that you solve problems (borderline is not incurable) with which the circumstances change so that you have another chance. Don’t try to hold someone, only by letting someone free create the space for coming together.

Answer 3
Arundash, your wisdom always helps me so much! Thanks for this. I am pleased to see that the process always continues, whether the other person runs away from it or not. That’s how I feel it, and I know it too. Letting go is what we all have to do and learn. So heavy and difficult. I thought I was there, but then it turned out that nothing was less true. I had not let go of him at all, I became intensely jealous of his partner, felt ugly and insecure. I went through a very deep valley and that also had an effect on the rest of my life. Now I try again; let go, day after day, bit by bit. Banished him from my mind. He can come at night, then the door is open, but during the day I am needed here, in my life, for my loved ones who demand and deserve my care and attention. I have literally asked my twinflame in mind if he wants to cooperate. And he will, because his soul knows what is best for us.

thank you for your answers, the feelings I have at the moment are very confusing, but clear to me, I know that we love each other but that we (at the moment) have made it very difficult for each other, best but the worst also came to mind. I leave time and try to live in the now, even though it is very difficult. (Unknown)

Answer 4
To answer 3: Thank you, so nice that it is at least manageable for you. I also learn every day.