Q0643. Bonding fear?


Soul lovers here talk about their fear of attachment a few times; how it blocks them. and how you should not put pressure on them. must leave. fear of binding is quite complicated. often comes from difficult childhoods, making trust in love difficult. and with soul love you finally find love that was never there; you have to let go immediately, work through all your shit from the past and continue to trust ns in that love that you never see. tempting to give up with each dip, get angry, go loose, seek compensation etc … … quite fierce if you have fear of commitment; hats off to the twins who insist.

Answer 1
All the misery of the past comes up again with me and I am disappointed, but it belongs. It will have a purpose that I have met twinflames but sometimes I think why should it happen to me and why now. I had just found a bit of peace in myself and in my relationship and then you met your twinflame. At first I didn’t realize what was going on, but that became clear to me a few years later. I feel safe in my relationship and everything outside is unknown and scary. I don’t have a lot of confidence either, this also has to do with my past, and that doesn’t really help in the process either. But I will still have to be involved in the process because more and more separate things are happening. (Unknown)

Answer 2
With me, fear of attachment arose from the unconscious planning with twinflame, that we come together. So I have no fear of attachment with twinflame, but with other potential partners. Also no difficult childhood. all weird jumps of it. Fortunately, accidents never happened. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Answer 1 strong; you will probably be happier! answer 2; Yes I have that too; the idea of ​​change sometimes scares me; not soul love in itself; unless I don’t know if I am welcome. (Unknown)

Answer 4
To answer 1: the twinflame comes on your path the moment you least expect it. And then it is also the one that you essentially resemble. Just stand by it … the universe then says. A super assignment worthy of a NASA test pilot. People want challenges to learn and grow? Well there you have 1 and what for 1! You can also be proud that you get such a super challenge. Do you know what it is, I think, what the human resembles most is what he / she wants to have the least to do with it. And yet we think we are copying things from our twin. It is often the others who point it out to us, we do not see it ourselves. Well, we owed a famous Dutch quiz to that … (Unknown)