Q1066. Twinflame released, how are your next relationships?


My tz has let go of me and I am now trying to get a friendship / relationship with someone else, because I don’t always want to stay alone. But pffff…. don’t get it done. Every man I meet is disappointing and it is not. Does anybody have experience with this?

Answer 1
My opinion: All those men that you will encounter there will all have the same problem with you. You can go on for years but you will be happy if you are always disappointed that the relationship does not work. The only true true is your divine twinflame. You know each other through and through and you are together 1. You will already be able to get heaven on earth and experience the highest love. I can’t wait it seems fantastic.

Answer 2
Love is not only to be found with your twinflame, luckily. It is really possible to find that with someone else too, I experienced it myself, so that I already knew my twinflame. I think that many people who have met their twinflame would like to see that twinflame is the only one, because that reinforces the hope that they will come together anyway, that gives certainty. They don’t want to lose something so beautiful. Understandable, but it can become a huge burden if it doesn’t turn out that way. That is the danger of the entire twinflame event: that people make it too exclusive and become too dependent on that one scenario. While it is really possible: feeling deep love for someone else after your twinflame. You might be surprised if it would happen, but believe me: if you recognize the accompanying love, you’ll understand what I mean. The only thing you need for that is a little bit of luck (of course you have to meet someone like that). Keep at least one place free for that possibility, then you make! it yourself a lot easier. It is really possible!

Answer 3
twinflame love transcends all love. Your twinflame is your other half, your other half. Now I have experienced real-life love, coming home, feeling the other person feeling every day around you, unconditional love. The highest attainable love on earth. For me my twinflame, and no other man. Can do it and does not want to feel like cheating on me and that I cannot look at myself honestly in the mirror, that is how I feel and experience it. Love

Answer 4
Have you already had a twinflame relationship than on the earth level? How do you know that there can be plenty of problems? Certainly an earthly relationship can also be good with an earthly personality. But where is it always that his relationship then fails. Of course you have to know yourself what you are going with.

Reply 5
@antw 2 AMEN finally someone who says it the way it is. 100% true!

Answer 6
It is entirely up to the personality. One twinflame is not the other. Most people can have multiple loves in their lives. After all, it is claimed that humans are not made for monogamy. twinflames, however, prefer nothing like monogamy, but the relationship is usually so intense that it can suffocate, and fear usually makes one of the twinflames walk away. It is also not easy to have a relationship with someone who knows your deepest secrets, and for whom you cannot hide anything. That is usually the curse in a twinflame relationship. In this you will find a path in it if you want to be together with your twinflame. Finding this path can take years of attraction, repulsion. Unfortunately the set pattern of a twinflame relationship, which does not make it any easier.