Q1060. Having trouble with partner twinflame?


Some time ago my twinflame chose not to stay alone but to fill his future with another woman. Before that he had a lot of casual friends and sometimes he said that he was never really in love (where he looked at me meaningfully) and that he only wanted to go for the true one. Our contact has always been very pleasant and frequent. But since he has her I hardly see him anymore, and when I see him she is always there. He seems to have completely forgotten me and I have trouble with that feeling. I notice that I unconsciously blame her for it; the feeling that she takes it away from me. Even though I know that nobody can come between us, it doesn’t feel good. What can I do to get rid of that feeling?

Answer 1
With me it is the other way around.

Answer 2
@ 1 What do you mean Remco? Are you in the position of my twinflame, so you have a girlfriend and you distance yourself from your twinflame. or vice versa; does your twinflame have a friend and does she distance yourself from you? How do you deal with it?

Answer 3
The well-known story: entering into a different love and leaving your twinflame. That partner will never be able to come between you and your twinflame, ie not from within. Although you will have to learn to cope with the elimination of your twinflame, if he is not yet ready for a relationship with you. Someday it will happen. Don’t blame her, who knows, she has something to offer him that you don’t have to do in the future, something that would stand in the way of your relationship. Wait for it.

Answer 4
I am single and she has a relationship with an earthly partner and they also have a child. I have been her twinflame for years.

5k I don’t blame her, I totally understand her. I also know that she wanted it just like all the others. She wanted to start a family after an unpleasant period. And I as a twinflame came just a little too late, I know that too. Yesterday I viewed another photo of her on Facebook. And I got a warm feeling inside. My desire for her differs, but now it becomes very strong again after that meeting last night. The door is always loose for her no matter what happens.

Yes Arundash, I know. I asked the question and I know deep down that he and I are inseparable. However, what I blame his girlfriend is the fact that she keeps us apart. Since he knows her, I almost never see him again. Not for 4 weeks now, but in between he still called and sent a text message. The strange thing is that during such a conversation I feel that he wants to hear me. No wishfulthinking but real. She is not there at a moment like that and apparently she can. But during the weekends we often saw each other and that is no longer to my great regret. It was so cozy, with my husband and children with him or with us for dinner, chatting until late in the evening with a glass of wine, etc. I am sure he misses it as much as I do, but she is now ahead. And I also know that I am not “away from her” yet, said unkindly. I think he will continue with her, or it must be that he realizes in time that this is not going to happen to him either! t bring what he really wants. Time will tell. But I find it very painful. At the same time I realize that I have no right to speak because I am also with my husband. It is not our time yet. (Unknown)

Answer 6
To the applicant Yes, apparently it can go so far that someone is kept away from you. And maybe that’s just part of the story. Suppose that your twinflame passes over and has to learn to make his own choices? Someone who is independent cannot be kept away from someone else. Accept, your mind can handle it, but in your feeling it continues to hurt, it is no different.