Q1046. No relationship


I always read here that people have / want a (sexual) relationship with their twinflame. But I do not quite understand that, how I experience it is such a strong love / feeling, stronger than falling in love, it is a pure love and has nothing to do with sexual attraction. About 20 years ago I met my twinflame once, it was a huge click, never seen again, but when I checked afterwards I was always with me. I met again a few weeks ago (he is gay and in-laws) and now the feeling was so intense I keep feeling it, even though he is more than 1000 km away from me, it is as if he is constantly with me and I feel an enormous urge to be with him, he really is in me. but I am absolutely not in love, I am definitely not sexually attracted to him, would like to touch him but not in a sexual way. He has proclaimed several times: “If only I had met her 10 years earlier, everything would be easier! been for me. I did not know the term twinflame two weeks ago, but I started looking for what this could be because of my intense feeling. Are there more people who have a twinflame but do not want to recognize the part of a (sexual) relationship with it?

Answer 1
Hi, I agree with you because I experience the same thing you write. It has nothing to do with sexual attraction and I do not experience it as a severe crush. You feel her / his soul in your whole body, soul, heart etc. I experience love in a very different way if you love someone very much. I also find it difficult to find the right words for how the love for the other feels. I sometimes think that there is actually no word for it. The love you feel for the other remains just as strong as being idd 1000 and miles apart. There is no difference … If you can look each other in the eye from a distance, I would already give enough satisfaction to love that you receive and give. It feels warm and familiar. It is the band that you have together even though you have only seen each other once. I also experience it that way. I have never had sexual feelings for her, and there has never been a crush, but there is only one person I would always love dearly and that is she. I saw her and it was suddenly there. Incomprehensible what is going through you at that moment and I will never fully understand. As long as she is happy, that is all that matters to me.

Answer 2
I am very happy with your story. It is recognizable and comparable to what you write. Which age group are you in?

Answer 3
Thank you for your answers (I am a questioner), I really like getting recognition. We are both at the end of 30. What I also found so special is that I normally do not really have the heart on my tongue (quite the contrary), but I had absolutely no trouble expressing myself to him about matters that I negatively liked his behavior, I can’t remember ever expressing myself to anyone like this. And the good thing was he accepted this criticism and thought about it, while denying / rejecting criticism against others. Have you spoken to each other? Not us but I have the feeling that when we meet next time it will be really intense.