Q1186. Are you telling?


Are you telling someone that you have a twinflame or soul love? Or do you keep it pure to yourself because others don’t understand it anyway.

Answer 1
I would keep it to myself for a moment, until everything is clearer, and possibly, a “real” relationship arises. I say this from experience.

nswer 2
I talk about it with anyone in my area because I know that no one would understand. But I have various forums and contacts on the internet to exchange ideas about. That is very nice because you sometimes want to have a sounding board. My twinflame is the only person with whom I could discuss this, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Answer 3
I told a person I took into confidence, because I am married and my soul love, we cannot have a relationship right now … but at some point you have to tell your story …

Answer 4
I was once about to tell it all to my twin. It was so high up on me, and I had just received the confirmation that he should also know the concept of twinflames. But at the last minute I kept my mouth shut and did not say anything. I thought it would be better not to do it, because that would cause a lot of mess in our lives. Shortly afterwards he said something that showed that he feels the same to me but that it is not possible now, and then it was good. Then I felt relief that he feels the same to me but wants to deal with it in the same respectful way. And we do that now.

Answer 5
At first I didn’t tell anything, because we were both in a different relationship. But after 2 and a half years I confessed everything, my husband was not happy with this, but was happy that I told everything. So actually very double. In the first 2 and half years only a good friend knew about it. But after I told you, I naturally became more suspicious when I went to him, so little freedom. My husband had become my shadow and perhaps understandable, because I don’t know what I would do in a similar situation.

Answer 6
I told my partner. I’m not ashamed of it. He had to swallow it in the beginning and then fully accepted it. I learned to live with it. My partner understood and supports me spiritually and vice versa, and that has strengthened our bond and we grow very fast together. My soul love could not cope with that farewell and neither did I in the beginning but I cannot build my happiness at the expense of his family and soulmates. It hurts a lot but I wear everything for the sake of love.

Answer 7
I intend to play a completely open card with my twinflame. For others this does not concern him, but it does. I just don’t know when yet. That must be a moment when we are alone and the whole atmosphere is just right. Then I dare. I’m sure he’ll understand.

Answer 8
I keep this to myself! Most people don’t understand twinflame. It is a love that cannot be measured by earthly standards. If you explain to other people the repulsive attraction process of twinflame, then they will fool you that you are stealing so much from jet twinflame without breaking. KEEP FUN TO YOURSELF, or share your experiences on this site.