Q1044. Signals and signs


What does it mean if I get signs or signals from my twinflame during the day?

Answer 1
Which characters do you get then?

Answer 2
What that means … no idea … I often wonder. Does he / she think of me or have I made a game of it because I want him / her to think of me? I often think about my twinflame.

Answer 3
I don’t think I made a game out of my own ego. She comes unexpectedly if I don’t think about her at all, then she ends up in my head and feeling. But also in my dreams and then you know it is real.

Answer 4
Receiving signs and signals is a space meaning. The precise meaning is also different for everyone. You often receive signs to what extent the other person is in his / her process, that the other half thinks (strongly) of you, you are sent to a certain place, etc. You automatically gain insight into what these signs and signals mean to you. Remember that ego can also send signs and signals to lead you astray. Believe your first feeling, that’s often the right thing.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 5
My feeling is certain I have found my soul love and lost it again … my mind says, he came on my path because I asked for it, needed him and now that he is no longer there, I sometimes need him or do I think of him then I see all signs, numbers, hear songs, etc. Is this because I want it so badly or my mind that complements it … I wish I knew … or would he really think of me