Q0914. Ambitious in love?

Who knows

When I look around on weblogs, there are in many cases denial of the twinflame existence. It would be a concept that is in your head. The reason for denying this existence is that it is only dull misery that twinflames experience. And so it doesn’t exist. What kind of image do webloggers or journalists or anyone else have of love? Old-fashioned outdated 19th century Romanticism? No ambition in love? The twinflame is also blamed for this misery, but that is a structural mistake, the heaviness lies in releasing the twin. And in the denial of the soul mission.

Answer 1
Luckily I don’t look at weblogs much … I am tired of the uncomfortable silences and compassionate looks when I tell something about it. Although that does not change my inner certainty (which gets an update every week). We twinflames literally live in a different world, because it has only opened for a few. Let us not be fooled, stay with ourselves. But to the webloggers: If you feel something, experience true, and the psychologist further declares you healthy, you can take that experience seriously. Even, and precisely when it causes dull misery and you do not run away from it. That seems to me a fascinating topic for a weblog for a change. Furthermore, the dull misery is more perceptible than the beautiful experiences, as every journalist knows. So you cannot use that as a motivation, do they not do the same with the rest of the news? Maybe it’s nice to ask how they define love … can we start analyzing it? (Arundash)

Answer 2
It is fed by the media and journalism gets a slap from it :). Look at the glossies, the “supermarket magazines”, the boulevard journalism, it is all the same, not the process counts, not the soul assignment, no the result that is all they want to see, the outside. What matters, nml. the soul, they do not delve into it. It is only about divorce and marriage, kindergarten level. Unfree too. (Who knows)

Answer 3
Yes, that is quite interesting: deniers of the existence of a twinflame. I think it’s a category of people who denies everything that is not tangible or invisible with physical eyes, for whatever reason. On the other hand, there are the recognizers, those who visit this site and share their experiences. In my opinion, these are people who dare to go a step further and are probably more balanced. That cannot be otherwise, if you deny something that does exist, you must sooner or later get out of balance, in whatever way. (Unknown)