Q1043. Eating from two sides


If your soul love enters into an earthly relationship after the encounter, is that ‘eating two nuts’?

Answer 1
No, because your twinflame belongs to you because you are connected to each other. Of course you make the choice yourself, but it is important that you don’t feel guilty about it.

Answer 2
Depends on whether that twinflame is aware of the contact with other twinflame during earthly relationship do you not think?

Answer 3
No, that is not the case. My twinflame has also recognized our connection but has entered into a relationship with someone else. I am also in a relationship. It is not yet our time to be together, we both still have some things to do and learn and after that time we will come together. I do not blame him at all for building up his own life. I think of him with love every second of the day and know that he also thinks of me.

Answer 4
I have already given many other answers to this. If the other person enters into another relationship, he / she must learn another lesson. It can feel as if he / she is cheating and ego will do everything to make us believe everything. By first entering into other relationships, they come closer to themselves and to the other half. So there is comparison material and they realize that the feeling with Soul Love is much more intense.
(Alicia S.)