S022. Because of this soul love, I learned a lot about myself and managed to tackle my blockages


Since our meeting we have experienced a very strong love that seems to go through everything, I have done my best to eliminate it, but I am not succeeding and also my soul love, it has been 38 years, but we are both with another married, there was a chance re-encounter six years ago, following the death of both fathers three days apart. The flame hit the pan right away and we had to admit that it had never been extinguished in the intervening 32 years.
I would describe the feelings I experience as very violently powerful, almost supernaturala very deep pure love for a person who has qualities that I dislike with others and not with him. The relationship I had with my soul love was a love affair in my youth later a love affair on a platonic basis because of the bondage to both partners. We didn’t want a love relationship and didn’t call it that, but it is. We currently only have a friendly relationship and I find that frustrating.
Because of this soul love, I learned a lot about myself and managed to tackle my blockages. I was constantly confronted with my headblock by him, but I have become much stronger. I think the best thing about love is the deep feeling of love, looking into each other’s eyes and having the idea of ​​being allowed to look inside the souland a strong magnetic force so that I tackled situations that I was too shy about. We did not experience eroticism together, it remained with a warm kiss on the mouth and I experienced this as very special.
The soul love feeling is a pure unconditional love for me.
I have repeatedly tried to break the relationship between us, but it has always made me so sad that I kept contacting him or him, but most of the time I am the initiator of this while I am doing that. others are often not at relationship level. I would never look for a new soul love. I would like to deal with him normally, but despite the fact that both of our partners have no objections, it is still difficult, but I would very much like to have contact with him much more often.