Q1039. Is he my true love, my twinflame?


Do you get physical reactions when you think of your twinflame? And how is it possible that you sometimes think of each other at the same time? I doubt a lot and I am not sure if this is true love. He feels the same as for me that if I call him he knows in advance that I will call.

Answer 1
Through energetic contact you are always connected to each other so thinking of each other at the same time is very common. You literally feel that the other person is thinking of you and therefore you are thinking of the other person again. You can get physical reactions, feel smells, mood changes, hear text, etc. You can also get body shake when you are close to your twinflame. I also take over the ailments of my twinflame if he thinks strongly of me. When in doubt, be sure you have experienced true love. Ego does everything to get you astray so that you will forget him. Remember the first feeling when you met your twinflame and continue to trust this.
(Alicia S.)