S003. This soul love has taught me a lot about myself


I discovered soul love when I knew who my twinflame was. I didn’t tell my partner because he is very jealous and he would find it nonsense, so that’s why. I have experienced it as such an intense love that is totally in your power, you cannot express it, it is just heavenly. I have no relationship with my soul love, I hope in the future and then it will last forever. We have not yet encountered any obstacles, and if they do, we can tackle them together and solve them, I believe that. I do want a love affair with him, I don’t know about him, time will tell, I only met him once, by chance … We don’t have a relationship together now, but on a spiritual level and that is wonderful. This soul love has taught me a lot about myselfand about the other. The most special thing was the coincidence that we saw each other and talk for a few seconds, he is quite difficult to speak because he is an actor. We have not experienced eroticism together, only in my dreams, and that is certainly much nicer than with someone else. The feeling of soul love is for me; palpitations, completely in love, you can’t get away from it, knowing that you only feel soul love for that one. It seems unlikely to me that if we were in a relationship, it would be over in a while, because soul love rises to eternity, there is only one for whom I feel that soul love and that is my twinflame, so no other, that is not there either. My twinflame is far from me, but I have faith that he and I will come together, because otherwise I will be completely devastated by this soul love, what I feel for him. I dream a lot about him and I don’t know why. I would like to say to others; let it come at you and enjoy it.