Q1035. How strong is the feeling that your twinflame is in you?


I have my twinflame in me almost all day long. But I don’t have the feeling that it is a burden that will drive you crazy. One time she comes through very strong and the other time in lesser sizes. But I don’t think it’s annoying. How do you experience it?

Answer 1
Now it doesn’t drive me crazy anymore, I am only happy when we ‘talk’ or when I get something. But there have been times when it was hard for me to concentrate on anything else, when I found it super annoying sometimes and it was addictive.

Answer 2
I also have that feeling. But I don’t find it annoying either. It gives me a complete feeling.

Answer 3
If you have really recognized your twin and feel continuous, your knowing is starting to become so strong, all things and information are being revealed to you at the right time, you no longer have any fear and you surrender completely and confidently to the transformation process there are no words like irritating, annoying, despondent or anything else. With complete surrender to this process you know! Read with admiration all the questions here .. If you really dare to BE, then you feel … you know!

Answer 4
I also have a complete feeling but sometimes I am confused when I see her. Then I think she would have that too or am I just imagining it. It is very difficult because I have never really received a clear answer from her. Yesterday at the Queen’s Day she laughed, but I don’t know if that was meant for me.