Q0668. Is this soul love?


he came up and I said to my girlfriend I have to go for it … it took me son 10 minutes before I was through the crowd and zi! jn face’s image was .. at that moment there was just a big light on me, he looked at me and I him bizarre for son for 5 seconds !! I then asked my mate who was in the organization, if I could backstage please half an hour they beg he okay !! here you have a band but i’m not going, you have to be there and there through that door but i could not find it or yes i did not dare..i go back to my size i say go please come with me .. but my mate knows him personally and therefore did not want to come because I am not allowed to go there .. but he did it anyway, I followed him and we came to the VIP box and there he stood there went a moment through my mind I can now go but then he said to my mate hey man that is long ago, and my mate went from before my nose ..and then he saw me standing he came straight at me and came face to face at a distance of 5 cm from my face and gave me a hand and looked me deep in my eyes and! she who are you, I she who are you while I had known this for a long time and he also knew who I was .. he said his name and I mine .. I was shaking on my legs and I didn’t get a word about my lips I could only keep looking in his eyes and felt a spark jump that went so deep .. and I could only think say something say something normal I have not fallen on my mouth and now I can not think of a meaningful word. . all this took son 20 seconds I think, when he asked me would you like a drink, to which I said no thank you I still have water .. I thought what I say now I was completely in shock I did not know what came over me .. I I turned around and walked away in a daze, and then came the realization of this was so bizarre there were almost no words but there was clear recognition !! after all this I see everywhere the number 17 which is the day of his birthday and the number 47 and 67 I already know a little bit what this means the numbers all fit together..and his name I hear everywhere..i also know through, through that he knows exactly who! I am .. I also know for sure that I will see him again soon but the wait lasts as long as I sometimes think that I am crazy .. and also that I myself have no control because it is something here on earth not to grab hold of .. I do feel that he has exactly the same feelings but that he has doubts about whether he will not admit it to himself yet .. but when I go to sleep and I ask him if you come in my dream tonight then that will happen .. and if I do about him dream is that so deep so intense i can feel him touch i can talk to him hug it and it feels so real and it feels so good..pas i drove home at night and i almost fell asleep 3 times i grabbed a cd of him with his photo on it I put my hand on it and a tingling went through me, I she you must bring me home safely .. and I drove home like that .. most people around me think that I get something in my head that is not there .. and there are also a few who really know and know me well! how strong I feel and how I am !!

Answer 1
What is your question exactly? Will you see him again? Or do you want an opinion or a heart under your belt? I think he’s a soulmate of yours. If you have such dreams and you can ask for them too … wow. I have a twinflame, since I have known him for 3 years now, I have only met him twice in a dream. My feeling says you will see each other again .You have given the pass, you went on holiday there for a reason. Now he is the one who takes the initiative, I think. Have some patience and in the meantime get into your power / self-control. (Wieweet)

Answer 2
Nice story and so recognizable..you really are not crazy..have such a song .. yes everything gets a different meaning, deeper nicer. Recently I felt really sick, flu, sick and then it is as if he gives me energy, every time a huge wave comes through me as if he makes me feel I help you, it lasted longer than usual .. I am here for you. Your twin also supports you if you think you should do it all on your own, I noticed that again when I was not feeling well .. love it .. would it be mutual? I also dream that he is with me and that is so sweet .. delicious .. do not often (at least she can not always remember) but the times are heavenly .. you understand completely.Nice song where I have my twin with me think is ‘shine on’ by Chris de Burgh. (Unknown)