S290. Always connected to each other


It hurts so much. He showed me his vulnerability, his deepest me.
And I love him unconditionally and will continue to do so all my life.
But how can he hurt me so much when he says he loves me so much?
If you really love someone, you can’t hurt him, can you?
He will first have to learn to love himself, because he also hurts himself so much.
I was not happy and he came into my life, and we were struck by lightning.
So beautiful, so happy, so perfect, heaven on earth ..
It only took 3 months, then he changed.
I continued to love him unconditionally.
I trusted that everything just came back from the beginning.
That it was a matter of time.
And I wanted to give him that time, but unfortunately I lost it myself.
He finally made the decision because he no longer wanted to hurt me.
But it still hurts and it will never pass.
I hope he will overcome the fight.
Because I am not a giver and I hope that together we will become the winners in his struggle and that we can be happy together for a long time.