Q1034. Divorce after meeting soul love?


Are there any who are divorced after meeting with their zl? And why? How did it proceed? Have you become happier, with or without your zl?

Answer 1
Yes!!!! One year and 6 months after the meeting. It was certainly the intention !! I am not with him (my twinflame) now, but we have contact every now and then. And am I happy now? In any case, I regret 0%. I have a hard time, single, 2 children and 40 hours of work, but occasionally I have moments when I suddenly feel happy. I didn’t realize that I was so unhappy, I just sat in the roller coaster, lap after lap, not knowing how to get out. Someone else than my twinflame was needed to get me out of it, unfortunately it disappeared again .. What will happen next? I have largely let go of it, otherwise I will not function. So I did not make the decision myself, but that does not always have to be the intention. It runs as it runs I think. Good luck! Keep your eyes open, follow your feelings ..

Answer 2
Yes, I recently got divorced and I feel much more myself now. This has been the right decision. It is very nice not to feel guilty about the feelings for my twinflame anymore. Furthermore, my life is a chaos, but I think everything is worth it. My previous relationship also went out after meeting twinflames, but then I never made the link – I thought it was the relationship. What does your situation look like?

Answer 3
yes I am divorced after a bizarre fierce encounter with my zl. Relationship has been on a dead end for 5 years. By meeting on that one evening, falling in love instantly, glance into each other’s eyes, recognition, gusts of energy throughout the body from head to toe from crown to toe, all evening together, called when everyone was home, both upset and each other telling on the phone of what has happened here tonight, told of the above experiences by phone to zl, was also directly confirmed by soul love. Zl has been there for me for 2 years at the energetic level, at the contact level (sms, msn, whatt app, skype and meetings), telepathic contact (always got a ring in my ear when he thought of me and then received sms at the same time always) but always excluded relationships. Due to age difference. Attract and repel a lot. Contact has been broken many times and every time a potential relationship presents itself in the initial phase, soul love is contacted again as if he feels it and pat’s bond with potential new partner immediately gone and 100% thoughts back to my soul love. I always said he was the messenger that it really was no longer possible in my marriage and gave me the way back to my feeling. However, I cannot get rid of him. I love him unconditionally and I told him that. Then he answers you should not go for me. My heart knows he’s the one … I want him. Want another child from him … Because he indicated you should not go for me, I asked him to stop contacting him. . Answer to the question whether I became happy through divorce after divorce? T has turned my whole life upside down….

Answer 4
My twinflame and I had an affair for two months before our partners knew about it. The feeling was much stronger to just be friends. At that time I chose my twinflame because I felt that I was cheating with my partner at the time. My partner at the time still had feelings for me, but I didn’t for him. My twinflame was married, divorce was almost complete until she let my twinflame be seduced by me. If my twinflame continued with me, he would never be allowed to see his child again. My twinflame went back to his almost ex-wife at the time. I “should” not be the reason for the breakup of fate. My twinflame first had to learn what exactly he felt about his ex. 1.5 years later they broke up. His ex noticed that my twinflame preferred to be with me and he always sat with his thoughts with me. Only a week had left them until fate sent him back on my path. Another week later we had a “relationship” again while he was not yet! officially divorced.
(Alicia Stuprijck)

Answer 5
Yes, divorced after meeting tz My relationship had also fallen on a dead end and after a year and a half of contact with my tz I also had the feeling that I was cheating with my husband. I am divorced, but I no longer have any contact with my tz, because we wanted to let each other go in order to both grow. And I can only say of that divorce, it did me good.