Q1032. What should I do?


Who recognizes that you pick up all sorts of feelings with your twinflame that are not in accordance with his behavior on the outside? My twinflame was here a few days ago and I (feel clear) pick up on how he feels and why, but he says and does very differently, so it’s not right. My ego then calls that what he shows is the truth (so that he feels nothing for me other than ordinary friendship), but my soul says that he does indeed feel the same as me, but struggles with it. are, all kinds of signs pass by (every day again) that indicate that for his part work is also being done on our band. But then the ego comes in so mercilessly and says that I can only imagine it and that it is not true. I feel so sad and torn apart.

Answer 1
Email your twinflame and present your story to him or her. He or she can best tell you what you should do. Because he feels you and you feel it when you both feel it, you know where you stand. Everyone puts on a mask in daily life. In reality, you are much different than you show yourself. Your internal dialogue always plays a game with you to make you believe that you imagine it. Depend on your feeling your feeling speaks the truth.

Answer 2
If he is your twinflame then I think you can assume that your band goes far beyond a normal friendship. What you formulate is a fear that I regularly have. For me it has to do with a fear of abandonment that is very deep (and my twinflame often talks about friendship). He thinks friendship is probably. a very important factor in our relationship. ‘Fighting’ with the ego (and facing fears) is where it turns around in this process. That not only applies to you, but also to your twinflame. Scary, maybe that is why your twinflame is holding off a relationship and maybe that is – right now – still justified? It has been said here many times (I have to say it to myself very often). Trust the signs and your feelings and not your ego. Your ego is en.

Answer 3
Recognizable what you write. Because my twinflame is more in his mind than in his feeling. In addition, you feel things well, that’s why you signal it so well with him. My twinflame denies it so he doesn’t have to talk. He runs away from his feelings. In the meantime, I give him tips on how to handle his feelings. He picks it up his way. In the meantime I sail my own course. In other words, accept him as he is. You cannot force him. What you can do, ensure that you learn to stay with yourself and learn how to control your emotions. Get well soon.

Answer 4
The ego can play a game and pretend. Not the soul. What you feel inside is true. It can only be difficult to trust that, because it is often too good for your ego to be true. Your own ego is also a mask by definition, and will not show you the truth. Become aware of your unconscious patterns, why you assess situations in a certain way, where your negative interpretation comes from. Is it fear to be abandoned or misunderstood by someone? Feel the pain of the past again? The fear of that pain is worse than that pain itself, you are now someone other than then and you can step into the world completely new if you want. Meeting your twinflame is the ultimate opportunity for that. It doesn’t get any fiercer than this 

Answer 5
Thank you, that gives me the support I needed. The ego is sometimes something strong and always tries to convince me that it is all in my head, not really. But I know better. I am on vacation now and even here I get a lot of signs that my twinflame is with me, that it is him. I had a hard time physically leaving the first few days, but now I am used to it and I have more rest. The desire for him was so great in the first few days, I kept thinking about him. Now I can also enjoy my new environment.

Answer 6
Soul love can always feel exactly how the other person feels. Words are not needed for this. You have felt that he is struggling with his own feelings. Your twinflame is currently in its own fear. Don’t “pull” his feelings out of him. By pulling on him, he crawls further and further into his shell. You get all kinds of signs from fate that he loves you too. Believe in your own feelings and not what your ego tells you. Give him the space (don’t talk about it) and he will automatically give small signals that he loves you too.
(Alicia Stuprijck)

Answer 7
@ 6 I am again, the questioner. Yes, I felt it well. Today I saw some pictures of him and his new girlfriend again and I noticed again that he is wearing a mask. He is not completely there. I was away for a few weeks and I felt that he was very much in mind with me. I don’t pull on him, leave him. I don’t have to see him either, it’s okay. I want peace in my head and in my heart because this is fierce, it does not become more arundash indeed. As long as we don’t see each other, everything will be fine. But as soon as the time comes for us to see each other, the energy hits like a bomb. Both of us. And that is a nice feeling on the one hand, but it also consumes a lot of energy afterwards. Then I need weeks to regain my energy rush.