Q1027. So much energy


Who also has it when you have met your twinflame that after a while, when you have come back to yourself, that you have so much energy and want to do so much that you simply do not know where to start that is positively intended. I am curious about the experiences of others.

Answer 1
I have that NOW. My twinflame has just left the house and I don’t know where to look. So much has been said and passed on unconsciously, that I need days to become calm again. So many things that should get a place in my “collection of striking twinflame statements”.

Answer 2
After a meeting, I actually don’t sleep all night, and I don’t care.

Answer 3
When we are together, we are also two bundled energies. There are times when I have a lot of energy, but also extreme fatigue from the transformation process. (Alicia Stuprijck)