Q0656. Can you accelerate / influence the development process of the other person?


Is it possible to speed up or influence the development process of your other half? My twinflame is a bit “behind” me in terms of his inner development. I have been able to find out what exactly he finds difficult and I would like to help him with that. But how do I do that?

Answer 1
No, that process cannot be influenced, although one still has so much urge to validate the other. The process goes on a soul level. Twinflames do help each other in their development, but then on an energetic (soul) level and at their own predetermined pace and in a predetermined way: for example, jumpwise or slowly and steadily. )

Answer 2
Yes I think that is possible if you have contact from time to time, I know that contact will make my process faster, but unfortunately we do not see each other or too little I also feel that I would help my twin through contact, if only by seeing each other every now and then, you are already in a higher tuning / acceleration, I think. a pity that ego and others do not want to see us together. (Unknown)

Answer 3
You can never speed up a transformation process, but you can slow it down. No matter how difficult it is, let him work on his own process. You have received this information as a test of what you will do with it. If you start contacting and tell him how to do it etc, he will only take more distance. You then postpone the transformation process. Your twin will automatically receive these messages. However, before you go to sleep, you can try to make contact with him and, as it were, whisper it. Be patient and remember that the process cannot be speeded up, only slowed down. Gr (Alicia)

Answer 4
I believe that this is indeed possible. I have the feeling that my twin does that to me. It also immerses me in a few books on this subject. The book ‘Soul Mates and Twin Flames’ states, among other things, that the best way to help your twin is to work on your own development. They also give different meditations to visualize a violet flame for you and your twin to clean your chakras and to eliminate negative karma quickly. I think it is always good to send a lot of light and love in your mind. For example to update you on the chakra where the problems are with your twin are problems viz. Also affect you. (J.)

Thank you for the answers. I, the questioner, thought something like that. That I can let my other half discover at their own pace what is between us. I know he knows somewhere too. But the ego is so terribly in between. Recently I was able to tear down a piece of his wall again for my feelings. I’m going to try and whisper to him before I go to sleep. Here it is also the case that different people in our environment prefer not to see us together and certain people bring us together without realizing it. Very crazy how that works. Ultimately, soul love will prove too strong to keep us apart, I know that for sure. (Unknown)

Answer 5
Perhaps you can speed up the process, but I don’t think it is wise. If your twinflame is not ready yet, it can be counterproductive. For me it works that way, if too many things happen at the same time with regard to twinflame then I sometimes think where am I in and then prefer to run fast. So I think it’s best to let your twinflame follow his / her own pace in the process. And then your twinflame gets closer and closer. I have read that you should not force anything and let it go as it goes, no matter how difficult that is. (Unknown)

Answer 6
During a training course for my work (with a health insurer), I came across him and I fell in love with him, after 3 years lying to myself and denying that I felt anything for that person because I had a boyfriend, I couldn’t do that anymore. What strikes me now is that you can certainly speed up the process by believing in it yourself. Because of my own doubts my twin started to doubt again and I felt the other way around. If you have your own process clear in your heart, your twin has it too. It is a struggle but it feels good. And what I feel now is so much happiness in myself and love for my twin. So yes you can speed it up, no detours for me, no drop-offs for checking, but just my way and the occasional foot of the gas pedal. (Unknown)

Answer 7
Yes, I feel that you can sometimes break through your own barriers. Not through those of the other, but through your own! (Unknown)

Answer 8
You cannot force love … love is. but love is also letting the other be in a situation where you actually don’t want it…. but who is there due to circumstances and that is his transformation, he / she may not force you .. love is there in many appearances and facets of twinflames much has been written about it! Often the true love … someone who would actually pass you by in a pub, someone who does nothing to you, turns out to be the true one later. (Unknown)

Answer 9
To answer 8, yes love is .. love is letting the other be who he is and letting him / her follow his own path in his / her process, even if you don’t like it, but that is also that you be happy when you see each other, because missing it I find it really difficult at times..but I have understanding and love for everything I come across and how my twin is. (Unknown)

Answer 10
As long as you only keep the twin’s interest / happiness in mind, so have pure intentions, and don’t try to help him for your own purposes / happiness, you can focus your own thoughts on his difficult point and your view there to let go, trying to help him see it from another side. In other words, advise him, try to mentor. You can’t do more than this … (Unknown)

Answer 11
Response to answer 8; “The person who first passes you by turns out to be ‘it’. I also have that experience. When I first saw my partner, I didn’t have a positive feeling, quite the contrary. And when I first met twinflame, it was no different. I was always immediately positive with other candidates. Some things that I think, that have kept me busy lately, I read back here later on, very special. (Unknown)

Answer 12
I agree with answer 2. Every now and then there is contact between me and my twinflame. I notice that my twinflame takes a few things out of our conversations and takes it into his environment as a comparison material, which at the time had a considerable negative impact on him. He is starting to notice this well, what has happened in our past. His vision that he should go for his own happiness is slowly coming to him. The way I feel now, I wouldn’t even want to contact him anymore or contact him, but somehow we are drawn to each other. It is precisely through our conversations that he learns to deal with his past and his environment. This means he can also close it slowly and start a new life. (Unknown)

Answer 13
I have often asked myself this question. In addition, I was frustrated and indescribably impatient because the process is so painfully slow. Someone then pointed out to me that I should compare it to baking bread in the oven. You cannot and cannot speed up the time that the baking process takes, because then the bread will fail. Or if you take it out of the oven earlier, it is not yet cooked. So it really needs the time that it stands for. I have now also noticed that all sorts of things have happened in recent months that have made my twinflame and I get closer and closer to breaking down his walls. I could not have accelerated this, it really needs time. Of course you can ensure that all the right ingredients are in it, translated into human situations are the right ingredients;

Answer 14
To antw.13. Yes baking bread or apple pie, all the ingredients are already there, and then it is waiting … what I do then is walk to the door every time to see how far it is already, you would be so happy ff want to taste … but the smell and the sight is also worth it, so the secret at the moment is the journey there (Unknown)