Q1025. Can you be selfish?


I have thought about it a number of times: I have had it, go and tell what is going on, what is going on! – or – how long do I have to keep my feelings silent for him? do I always have to put my emotions aside because I have promised to guide him? and then I sit behind the PC or the thought has gone through my head and immediately comes to me; no, i can’t. I can’t force things. I can’t share my knowledge with him. he has to walk his path and I hope he will come to my love life path in person but imposing, provoking or whatever; I can not do it. does not feel good at all and goes against all my principles until those certain moments when I am disappointed, emotions get too intense … you name it. now I wonder; am I too strict for myself? are others also so strict with themselves that they turn themselves away? occasionally it is a maddening situation….

Yes recognizable. Occasionally I also tend to throw the whole trade open and naked on the table and tell him out of the blue that he is the man of my life, my soul love. But no hair on my head that even thinks of doing this. Because it doesn’t feel okay, as you say. You know very well in your heart (and so do I) that we should not do this and let our twins go their own way. I think the reason is that something that someone does not feel on its own can more difficultly accept from someone else, it does not resonate. Another story is when the twin himself also feels that he is your twin. But then that moment of honesty comes naturally. You don’t have to force anything on it. Difficult? Yes for sure. Occasionally I want to scream. But there is nothing else to do but wait.

Answer 2
You may be selfish but that also has its effect. I haven’t seen her in my dreams for a while and yesterday my soul wanted to be with her so much that it became unbearable again. She locked the door and I am suffering. For me the door is always open for her and I don’t push her away.

Answer 3
Agree with you Remco, everything is possible and everything has its consequences. Find the story of the questioner very moving. Magnificent. If my twin said this, I would not know how to respond, it would seem so cliché and it is so much more. Hard to put into words. Do think that you have done well so far, do not doubt yourself, because forcing is not good.

Answer 4
Answer 2: How do you know she is suppressing you? And if you are always open to her, how do you do that? Maybe she is busy with other things or something or someone else is demanding her attention. It may have something to do with you. You can of course be right, but don’t draw conclusions too quickly, I learned that through damage and disgrace.

Answer 5
Thank you for the responses! so I just keep listening to my inner voice is my conclusion for now because if you do things like remco wants to make contact through dreams, etc. then it will not go really well. the crazy thing is … I can’t dream about him! yes once I had the most intense dream of my life – with him. unusually pleasant to express it mildly. but since then … nope … and that wasn’t by the way, by the way. occasionally I hope to be allowed to dream but I don’t ask for it. but anyway, then only for a while processing frustrations and training on being patient for me. I know that he will be staying with me this year, but the how and when, well … that is and remains a difficulty.

Answer 6
Yes, the universe knows how to serve our lessons in patience, right? Let it all go and enjoy the moment itself if you do see it. I do that too. Too often something comes up and then I can be so disappointed. But now I try to take everything as it comes and when I see it, also enjoy every second; works fine.

Answer 7
She does not always suppress me otherwise we would not have contact with each other. but if she suppresses me you can feel it. But then there must be a reason. I am open to her because I accept her as she is in everything she does. Because she is my twinflame and if you accept everything, it will help the process. Then I am talking about the dreams we have together. If you are already easy of yourself then you are more open to something than to immediately have an opinion about it and to critically review it.