Q0962. Who blocks who?


I have been in a big dip because the twinflame suddenly put an end to our relationship. I was put aside for another love. I saw signs everywhere and I heard songs that hit us and even had contact in a dream. Now 1 year later I have a relationship with someone else who is far from getting what I had with twinflame but it is good. Now it feels like I have no contact with twinflame and everything is weakening signs and things … Is it precisely my twinflame that blocks everything? I am curious about your answer

I think you should be more open to your twinflame. I also had that for a while I had contact with my twinflame. Then my guide gave me tips on what to do and how to let her go. Then you will probably meet again. If the 1 does not work properly, it will also be blocked in the long run. That person is then too critical, too scared, or the person simply doesn’t want to. Actually strange because you are the other’s half.

Answer 2
Hey, When my twinflame has moved away from me, I also hear special songs. I can tell from the songs how long the time of period lasts and how far he is in his process. More to reassure me and that we are working from above on our being together. For example: Phil Collins’ Can’t hurry love I knew it was going to take a while before I would get back in touch. I always hear Broken Wings from Mr. Mister when he contacts me again. Or Say you Will from Foreigner. Hopefully I will soon hear “Notting is going to stop us now” 
(Alicia S.)

Answer 3
I do not think either, no closure and no blockade. It is a natural course of action. There are many possibilities between twinflames, many degrees of contact.
(Who knows)

Answer 4
I also hear and experience songs by paul weller you do something for me deep inside. And I come into contact with famous souls that she is a fan of.

Answer 5
I always thought so, this cannot be a coincidence. I also hear songs, songs that have a special meaning for us (just jump on the back of me, on the back of my bike) but that are also about letting go (letting her go) and impossible loves (we found love in a hopeless place)
(Unknown )