Q1023. How does it govern your life?


Every day I am busy with it and I regularly come across her in my dreams. How does it govern your life?

Answer 1
It does indeed govern my life, and sometimes I am disappointed. Then I try to block it again for a while, but it comes through again at “unguarded” moments. Then I catch myself thinking about him again. It goes without saying, is always there. It consumes a lot of energy but at the same time gives a nice feeling sometimes, not always. Today was such a weird day; I dreamed about him and today I received a text from him. Then my heart jumps up. My twinflame never lets me go, I have tried it so many times, but I cannot get rid of him. That is something that you must learn to accept. That tire is always there, across all distances and in all situations. Even if you are angry with him or sad.

Answer 2
It has turned my life upside down. I didn’t know how to deal with it at first either. You just have to let it happen, it will naturally become a bit quieter and clearer what the intention is.

Answer 3
I get up with it and go to bed with it. Sometimes I really don’t know how to proceed anymore. We had reasonable contact, but suddenly he seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth and he is no longer responding to anything. Does not feel good but can do little about it. I’ll wait and maybe he will let you know again.

Answer 4
Haha, start to understand why twinflame contact is so prevalent. He or she is always present in the background, energetically. I now accept that I almost always think of him and if it is not, then somewhere else (sorry for the vagueness). Accepting that helps to make it ‘more normal’. And when I focus on feeling him instead of thinking about him, I feel the contact between us and that is very nice. Then I feel his energy in me and around me all the time. The strange thing is that I am also more myself at the same time. Sometimes I also become very dreamy (but maybe that fits me very well) and sometimes energetically again.

Answer 5
Sometimes I discover that I have not thought about twinflames for a while. That I was busy with other things and then think; “Oh yes he was there too”. But that is not often that I have that. So yes it controls my life. I would like to have those moments when I don’t think about him for a while, because then it is quieter in my head and I like that. It goes well with ups and downs. If I have been busy with it for a while and don’t like it anymore, then there will always be a quiet period after which I can resign myself to it and be less involved with it.

Answer 6
I now have it under better control than before. It is now much quieter than before. I have just returned from the center parcs and I felt fulfilled all weekend.

Answer 7
Your twinflame is in you; I feel it all the time, only the strong ones are different. In this way we learn not to depend on the other and let the other endure the transformation process (how difficult that sometimes is). If I sit still and have nothing to do, my thoughts are worse. Ego sometimes comes up and literally drives me crazy with thoughts that my twinflame “can” be busy with. Something that is not certain is no reason to worry about it. Fortunately, my ego goes away quickly.
(Alicia Stuprijck)