Q1020. Blunders in the presence of your twinflame?


Just a lighter question in between that perhaps many can answer; have you ever made a blunder with your twinflame? What happened and how did you feel? I poured my wine behind my cardigan once when he was standing next to me … really because of my own nervousness. I was ashamed to death. And you?

Answer 1
Haha do you have a minute I slid down before his eyes, the dance floor was pretty slippery and had heels on and I was dancing..bats on my knees well fallen for him..he looked away but later we were in conversation and then he returned to it in a concerned tone / manner Liefs

Answer 2
Well, isn’t that easy with that wine? Oh, I don’t even want to talk about the blunders I’ve committed. Seems like I can’t think because of him. When I see him in real life and sometimes when we have strong energetic contact. Then I don’t know what to say or do. Yesterday I walked outside with the groceries in my shopping basket (luckily I had already paid). Was half a block away before I realized. When I walked back I tried to be as casual as possible, as if it is the most normal thing to go with a shopping basket like that (why not). Was most people ws. not even noticed, but then I think; Where am I with my head? I don’t even dare to tell my worst blunders.

Answer 3
Aaah, tell ladies (and gentlemen!), That’s just fun. The other day when I was visiting my twinflame and we said goodbye with three kisses on the cheek, I almost accidentally kissed him on the mouth. Really by accident. I was just able to correct myself and saw that he was a bit embarrassed. Pff, I went quickly. I also once drank his glass of beer, I thought it was mine.

Answer 4
Yes, I think so, oh well, you should see it this way and bye you can laugh about it, really, I recognize a lot in your story, I go through it that way, knowing nothing to say or do anything pfff. What I have learned is that you should not be strict with yourself that you stay close to your own feelings and do not let yourself be carried away by your thoughts. Calm down Hope you helped with this, love

Answer 5
pff yes blunders…. when the tension became soooo high that I was just shaking all the way and even watched the air shake and therefore suddenly
got up and left in the middle of a conversation with his two at his house, just without a goodbye kiss nothing … then think about that that
was a bit weird .. and so I have more haha ​​… do not know what he thinks about it but we continue to have normal contact … he also
has a few blunders by the way so I love to think back on that .