Q1011. Contradictory


Some time ago I met my soul love. Then my feeling said it wasn’t time to get together. Very recently a relationship has been established, and now my feeling suddenly says that we will come together in the future. Should I now go by my feelings or by the (earthly) reality?

Answer 1
I think about your feeling if you are 100% behind it, little can go wrong anyway.

Answer 2
This question has struck me from the heart since I find myself in exactly the same circumstances … I therefore want to answer you by briefly telling my story, maybe it will help you. My twinflame recently entered into a relationship after years of struggling with countless ladies. And I’ve been with the same partner for years, which is generally a happy relationship. For more than 2 years I know that the man for whom I have had feelings for a long time that never became less, only became more, is my twinflame. I got this through signs and other coincidences. I am 100% sure that he is my twinflame. I must also say that I am increasingly clear-sighted and clear-knowing, and therefore sometimes I get things through. I also learned that he and I will come together in this life, and in about 28 years. Bizarre? Yes. But still I know for sure. It was and still is not the time to be together for us, both he and I have to! finish things and / or grow. That will take another 28 years. I “see” my twinflame getting married and probably also having children with the woman he is with now. And you know, I feel happy about it. He will finally take major steps to accelerate his development. I see that woman as someone who will eventually bring him to me, she is an important link between now and the future. Because of her and the circumstances he will eventually come to me. My advice to you is therefore; definitely listen to your inner voice, it tells the truth. You will certainly come together if you can know that from your heart. In the meantime, continue your life, with that relationship. Do what you want to do. Everything has its time and nothing happens for nothing. Not such a relationship either. Trust that when you listen to your inner voice, you are and will stay on the right track. Only when something no longer feels right, you must stop and take a different path. It was quite a story, hopefully it will help you a bit further. Love,

Answer 3
I am very happy that you are asking this question. I hope good answers are given. I would prefer to explain the whole process of unconditional love, but you are probably not waiting for that.Time is very difficult to say and nobody (no nobody) can give an exact answer. It also depends on whether it is a twinflame or a soulmate. You only come together definitively when the past has been processed and when both parties have grown strongly etc. One has a more difficult past than the other. Remember that ego also makes you think that it will take a long time. If you think it takes a long time, it will also take a long time! Never think or feel that it will take a long time. Be more powerful and go for the transformation process. You also automatically take your Soul Love to the finish line.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 4
I don’t think it’s really about contradiction. With your heart you want one thing but your mind tells you through your feelings another thing, in other words you want something but you know it is not the right time for it. Or the like. It may be that there is confusion in yourself because you have denied your twinflame for a very long, perhaps too long time, and now it may turn in full force. The denial was not good but perhaps this new recognition, either. Finding a balance is always good.

Answer 5
Your feeling can be quite right. That your twinflame has entered into a relationship is not in itself contrary to that. That can be part of your twinflame’s way. Sometimes we have to walk away to get home again. You don’t know how long that road is. But don’t think about how long in your case. Continue to listen to that feeling, and see if it is often correct. Then you can also learn to trust it better.

Answer 6
Reply 2: if you have to meet in 28 years then you are now very young; and your twinflame is also young because she still has children; why 28 y and not 27 for example? how come you have become clairvoyant.

Answer 7
Sorry but I do not understand the ‘contradiction’, I am sure it will be because I am by no means a floating type. Look at what you have NOW: no earthly relationship with your twinflame. It is just like the tax form: Is there a relationship with your twinflame now or in the future, has she said so in so many words? YES continue with question 2, NO go to the end of the questions AND especially leave your twinflame alone.

Answer 8
Reply 2: if you have to meet in 28 years then you are now very young; and your twinflame is also young because she still has children; why 28 y and not 27 for example? how come you have become clairvoyant.

Answer 9
Reply 2: 28 years…. so you are pretty much counting: 27 years, 364 days, 10 hours 50 minutes and 60 seconds, LOL, Good luck!

Answer 10
We will meet again tonight haha. Yes if you have to wait 28 years.

Answer 11
The day before yesterday I had already typed a long answer, but apparently this did not happen. Yes, 28 years and not 27, and yes, I know that for sure. I was born clairvoyant and clairvoyant and this has evolved over the course of my life. That may sound bizarre, but I just know certain things. There are more people who have that. Well, it sounds long, those 28 years, but we need it every day to get to where we need to be.