Q0644. Feelings twinflame and other partners?


My experience as a woman is: the feelings of a man are many times stronger for a woman if that woman doesn’t show anything. Herein a twinflame man is no different from another man. Agree? NB: I think this also applies to gay and lesbian.

Answer 1
Indeed, a man’s feelings are stronger if the woman does not want to contact him. This applies to both an earthly relationship and a twin-soul relationship. But with a twin-soul relationship, possessiveness does not play a role. She belongs to me, she is not mine. My behavior is also bad. Last year I met my twinflame at work, knowing that she didn’t want to contact me. Struggled for over a year and a half not to see her. I have not been able to do this and I saw her. She was moody and angry that she saw me, but I did not speak to her just look into her eyes and that was very intense. Her mood was better afterwards. Yet I felt that she did not want contact with me, nor could I keep my eyes off her, which I have never experienced with a woman. I respect that she does not want contact with me and as long as she does not want me I will not speak to her. She knows that I will visit her shop again and I will only order something and I will not do anything else. My love for her only gets deeper since I have seen her, I only feel happier and especially calmer. I have known her for thirty years and since a few years I have seen her in my dream. It was a robbery, say. I love that I love her very much and that will never change, even if she doesn’t want to contact me. I do feel that if she still wants to be in contact, my feelings for her will only increase. That is why I hope that someday we will talk to each other, to get to know each other and themselves better and faster. Which, in the end, is the purpose of our meeting for me. Just getting to know each other and themselves better. Nothing else. I’m a man. (Unknown)