Q1007. Exclude energetic contact


There is only energetic contact with my zl, no earthly relationship. Every now and then we meet each other briefly. We both have a relationship. It hurts me so much. If I ‘refuse’ every energetic contact, will the connection end? Do we then separate from each other?

Answer 1
No you will never come apart again. Well when you are ready you can let go of your twinflame and then the feeling diminishes. But you will always feel him or her forever and after death you will come together. Of course you have complete freedom because this relationship is based on that.

Answer 2 Also
think lightly about it is best if you start thinking about it heavily because I want it gone then it becomes very difficult. And as soon as you feel it coming up, interrupt yourself and start doing something else. Above all, don’t worry that you can never come loose again, but accept that that’s the best. It’s getting less and less I know all about it.

Answer 3
No, the connection never rings. At a given moment, twinflames are on a path towards each other, that will one day lead to a relationship, if necessary in a next life. It may well be that both are not yet done with the existing relationship. Whether or not you want energetic contact during that time doesn’t matter.

Answer 4
Questioner you say it hurts you but you are not responsible for it yourself; if you want more contact, who should you or your twinflame make?

Answer 5
Unfortunately … if this is really your twinflame, that contact will never go away. You have to get started, both grow in it and confront each other in the sense of greeting each other, have a chat, feel it a little, carefully. Gradually it expands automatically and you start to feel better in each other’s presence.

Answer 6
No, that will never pass, even if you wish, your twinflame will always be your twinflame. I think it is like this: as soon as you meet, it is as if 2 equivalent rings are ‘clicked’ into each other. You can pull those rings apart, very far away, but there will always be a space where the two rings or the twinflame have contact with each other, no matter how small. Too bad I can’t draw it here. But try to imagine 2 rings. Moreover, it is also true that those 2 rings are very elastic. So even though energetic contact between the 2 is weak at some point, the contact still remains.

Answer 5
Answer 5: that’s right, that’s how I feel in the presence of my twinflame, very uncomfortable as if it’s a stranger. I don’t know myself that way, I am someone who makes contact very easily and can start a chat very quickly. So in the beginning I had that with my twinflame as well, but then he already turned it down, where I first thought he doesn’t like small talks, and maybe that is partly true.