Q1006. Not interested


My twinflame is not interested in me, I just feel that and it feels pretty bad, or rather felt. Oh yes, of course, our souls are tied together, but if it were up to him, he would have riveted another soul to him, one that would suit him better in character. On which I base that, on all sorts of things, for example that he has never shown that he finds me attractive, so me as a person inside and out. But like I read somewhere here, he doesn’t have to have a romantic interest in me, right?

Answer 1
If you are still connected to each other then you simply share everything. So that will be fine, but it needs time. Maybe he has those skills or qualities that are normal for you and not for him. So that he opens up less quickly. Did you ask him that he actually wants someone other than you? There is only romantic interest if you both feel something for each other. I had that for a while in my dreams with her.