Q1003. Grind?


Could a twinflame relationship also fall into a rut? I mean, I now (finally) begin to understand how it works between twinflames. And if you (finally) also start to know your twinflame with all the oddities etc etc, do you not get bored of your twinflame at some point?

Answer 1
Creative marbles are always thought up from above to ensure that you are never bored with each other. And that there will never be a rut because this is really the highest love you can get. Those negative traits that can be changed into positive traits.

Answer 2
No, I don’t think so. You never get bored with your twinflame, just as his less pleasant qualities would be a reason not to see him anymore. It is unconditional and endlessly beautiful and intense. That contact remains so throughout the centuries, forever. That’s what your twinflame is for.

Answer 3
Answer 1 gets a 10 from me with a graffel. I also believe that there is constant movement and growth in the relationship with your twinflame, and therefore there is always something new to learn. You always get to the next stage and (I think one of the goals is also helping each other with the inner self.

Answer 4
You are always helped from above. When I look back, all the meetings and moments are still just as nice, just as if it just continues where it left off, even though you haven’t seen and / or talked to each other for weeks. Your twinflame is our other half and complements you perfectly and brings you a little lack. Addition to your life, no interpretation Love.