Q0637. Soul love and soulmate?


I got divorced 2 years ago, after I feel I have met my twinflame, since then I am in a transformation process and I know what I have to do (clear knowledge !?). Very confronting and painful. My twinflame and I have not spoken much to each other. In the few times that we met (I couldn’t answer, was blocked), he said he was also a learning person. Today had a fierce confrontation, I come home I get this mail. Is this a sign? When I am done with therapy, my heart is open and I will experience and feel the true love. Find little understanding in my area, I no longer talk about my twinflame. I am not taken seriously in this. Looked compassionately. Then start doubting again. I’m probably on a different level. When I think my twinflame I feel so much love. I also want to feel this for myself. I wish you lots of twinflame happiness and love. I think this is the ultimate. I want to be an example for this generation of children! and show what real love means. Gr.

Answer 1
I recognize that you no longer talk about it, occasionally with a friend or with spiritual people who are open to it. I do not need pity or comments about this. I myself know what I am doing and you hear it that way. have a great relationship with my family but even they start to look at me from .. you see them think (some) that is crazy! .. so what do you do you adjust for a while, at that time, and lives then just continue. no more explanation, no more attention, I live and am satisfied with myself and I want to radiate that, compassionate looks I sometimes do not even understand them anymore because it is more about their own dependence on their partner, I look , observe and see that it is their own unhappiness … because for God’s sake how can you suffice with an … illusion … I hear them thinking. For me it is not an illusion, it is a certain knowledge, a belief in LOVE, in the universe / god, faith used to be a faith and now faith has become a certainty, but what kind of mail did you have? what kind of sign? because that’s the way it is for me, I probably had to read something and it was taken care of by others, and it gave me stress but also hope because even though the message would not be for me it was so beautiful that I feel it also beats twin and me..beautiful that you want to be an example! strength with your transformation, follow your heart, lots of love (H.)

Answer 2
If you know and recognize your dearest other self, you already know what true love is … it’s that simple .. when I see my twinflame in front of me, my therapist needs me instead of the other way around .. he looks at me agree with a certain knowledge and feel..who is the master in this, i hear him thinking and he even said it to me once, i even see great respect in his eyes..and that you don’t understand that becomes I know .. stay very close to who you want to be, feel it in your heart .. love (Unknown)

Answer 3
I think your soul love / TZ is the best therapist you can have , success and love. (Unknown)

Answer 4
It is 1 large pinball machine in my head and that on Sunday morning, ringing, reading..read..read, falling quarters, can post messages, pfffff, had we really agreed this ? love from me (unknown)