Q1002. Why does nobody approach the other person?


I always see stories on this site about the fact that one twinflame does not ask the other anything but simply assumes that he denies it or does not want it. Why does none of us approach the other to say that you dearly love that person? Why don’t we admit it? I also talk about myself, but I just can’t take the step to go to twinflame and tell everything on my heart. I think I just don’t dare, and just wait for the other person to approach me, but what if your twinflame thinks exactly the same? Then never something comes of contacting? What do you think about your situation with regard to twinflames?

Answer 1
See answer 2 of question 996.

Answer 2
A twinflame relationship is not an ordinary relationship, nor is it a romantic, or at least not ‘from home’ not initially (after all, he can always grow into a romantic relationship). A twinflame relationship is in the connection that you have with your twinflame, in that connection Twin Souls have a relationship. And that is why ‘normal’ communication is actually superfluous, because you communicate in other ways. You have to figure out how it works, but as soon as that happens you know that in fact your twinflame never has to come across, because it is not an earthly relationship. And as long as you can accept that, there is nothing wrong, there is peace and love. But as soon as you want more, more a romantic relationship, more an earthly relationship, yes it will be difficult and you will make all kinds of demands, requirements that do not naturally belong to a twinflame relationship, then you get frustrated because the other person does not meet your expectations. But it is of course possible: you can also have an earthly relationship with your twinflame, but that requires adjustment, and each case is of course different.

Answer 3
I took that step 5 years ago, but then she didn’t want to. I don’t know what she thinks about it now, but if she feels like it is him, I love it. Can she just call or email me to contact me.

Answer 4
1002the question again, going fast Yes these questions seem familiar to me, I am exactly in the same boat, I also struggle with these questions. So yes, I don’t really have the answer. Then I think: Patience, patience. I dare not say it especially sweet though. Good luck, anyway.

Answer 5
I deliberately stop contacting. Do not bother twinflames anymore to say that I was very confused at that time, due to personal reasons and did not know where these feelings came from. Therefore I had to share some things with others, some understood it completely made someone else I was told again that it could not be a love of soul, and then I started to doubt again. But also knew that those themselves have not yet experienced it I believe and that is what it is about. So now I’m not going to mess things up anymore, tz is happy and that is more valuable to me than telling twinflames that after many lessons I found out what it was. Can handle it much easier now, thanks to the love I feel and get. Wish you a lot of strength to someday take that step and tell it.

Answer 6
The biggest problem is being afraid of being hurt. In most cases it is smart not to contact us, wait until the other person misses you. But which “other” are you in this caseYou can contact us, this is not desired; then it is waiting for the other person to contact you correctly. Very frustrating, but you do give your twinflame the space and opportunity to walk his / her path. Listen to your own feelings when you need to contact us. This is made clear to you via signals. My twinflame was still married that we were having an affair. After the disposal process, I have always placed cards at the place where we had met. He always went there with his dog. That was not how I got into his relationship and I could make it clear that I was still thinking about him. My twinflame naturally sought contact when we needed each other. Or when I had a hard time, I energetically asked to go somewhere. Listen to your feelings and heart when you can and may contact us.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 7
I can be brief about that; I do not approach him because he is not yet ready for it and my words will not go wrong with him. Only when he has completed his process will he understand. Patience is a virtue.

Answer 8
Answer 2 The soul love is not in yourself. You do have love for yourself but you are connected to your twinflame. I know this because I regularly get out of my body and come into divine contact with my spiritual twinflame. You share that love that arises.

Answer 9
I would also like to add to answer 2 that even sexual contacts between twinflames differ from those between two people who have a romantic earthly relationship. It is actually a kind of fusion or merging between the two souls. But because people are people (material and not spiritual beings), we can only translate that into sexual contact. These intimate contacts therefore differ and that is why it ‘feels’ different.

Answer 10
I am so happy with the last answers! (8 and 7) The rest too, but more in the sense of that answer 2 caused quite a lot of confusion. So thanks again and love from Vlinder.

Answer 11
Reply 8: ok, learned something again. I am not there yet which I do not pretend. But I now know for sure that we humans are multidimensional (hope I am right here) beings. Terribly intriguing. I now realize that we not only have a Self and an Ego but also a whole lot of other dimensions / troubles. My feeling for my twinflame is not in my Self (perhaps the intellectual reasoning for the existence of my twinflame) but it is somewhere in my emotions. And where they come from, God knows where, but not me yet.

Answer 12
@antw 10 you nevertheless grow from confusion.