Q1001. Contact


I always thought, if my twinflame wants to contact me etc, then he does call, then he knows where to find me. Now I found out yesterday by text message that he did not even have my number, had also not put it down. I asked for his number in the beginning when I didn’t know about twinflame etc. A lot has happened between us and when we see each other we greet each other. I release him, follow my path and learn my lessons, but I don’t understand this at all anymore.

Answer 1
Due to circumstances I also lost the number of my twinflame. Your question has inspired me to find out no more. I will definitely call him! In the past we have also had very positive calling and texting experiences. So why not? Thank you …

Answer 2
That’s a tricky one. I would almost say, put your no here in case he “comes along” here, but I think that goes too far. I don’t know what else to do, but you will probably come up with an idea, good luck already.

Answer 3
If your twinflame did not yet have your number, this was not the time to contact. twinflames meet or hear from each other when the time is right. For me it took a year when I found the email address of my twinflame. Even searched for hyves at the time, it turned out that he had just deleted his profile. The time was not yet ripe enough. Often there is first a marvelous appearance between twinflames before the rejection process comes to mind. Look ff at other questions what the rest have been through.
(Alicia S.)