Q0380. What should I do, I miss him so much?


My twinflame broke our friendship after I married my husband. At that time he had chosen his girlfriend and I was abandoned by him. Afterwards I got married and there he wanted to stop it. Our contact has been lost, I have lost count. He doesn’t want anymore, what should I do. I miss him so much. I need him.

You also need that time, use them, use them to learn and gain experiences, use them to awaken and grow spiritually so that if you do come together and be together, it can no longer fail and become more beautiful , but both parties must have learned enough and have grown !!! Focus on the things you have and not on the things you don’t have !!! Make sure you are busy and learn to enjoy the little things, because the details and little things can also be very important !!! Do not stare blindly and do not worry in advance !!! Keep believing in it, if both of you are ready and have grown enough you will come back anyway !! he is your twin so you should not fear losing each other, that is not possible either !!! Anyway you will ever reunite .. It is so sad that you do not know when and for how long and whether it is still in this life or not !! Well just spend time! No advice but be very quiet in your heart and listen carefully, then you will also be able to see and hear it I wish you good luck and strength and hopefully it will turn itself off (Claudia)