Q0999. Will she get it too?


Since I met my twinflame I have changed a lot. Now I want to know … I have come to know something from above that it is my twinflame, but she does not know it yet. Will she ever have a moment when she gets something from above that she is my twinflame? and if so … why does that have to happen to me first and only later?

Answer 1
Your question are exactly the same thoughts that I still ask myself. Why did I get these images and she still doesn’t know anything. At least I still assume that. Will she also get mad about the little “messages / signs” that I also got through at the time, so that you can no longer ignore it to think carefully about why that is. I have no idea if you ask me. I am currently trying to distance myself from her, but as soon as I am not busy with her in my mind for a few weeks, I am hard pressed on the facts. Her name or everything that has anything to do with it comes my way. It seems that the time is not yet ripe for distance. The question is “why?” Will she also get it now? Is there movement? Our souls are still connected to each other, but how can you come apart if the other person knows nothing and unconsciously holds on to your soul? You can try to get loose in this life, but if the other does not want it unconsciously and does not realize it himself. What are you doing then? Unconditional love is maintained without realizing that you are sending it? Is that possible at all.

Answer 2
Because one twinflame has a guide function for the other. First you get the relay stick from your guide and you translate it sooner or later in turn to your twin. My tip: don’t want to tell them too quickly is the right moment to announce itself. Not too much urge to push, you have plenty of time. Your twin also needs to do a little puzzling herself. that she is your twin. That depends on her spiritual development. If she hears about you for a year or so, it might just as well be a shock or a celebration of recognition.
(Who knows)

Answer 3
If you nevertheless come together in dreams then you both know that you are soulmates.

Answer 4
I experienced the exact opposite, I just realized that twinflame is not my twinflame …. so I wonder if he will get it too.

Answer 5
I wonder if my twinflame will realize that I am rid of my current partner, I have been single for over half a year now and he still is not … I am not out to disturb his marriage I want not even. In the meantime, I did meet someone I could fall in love with.

Answer 6
It doesn’t matter so much if she knows that you are a twinflame. That apparently means something to you. What would you like her to have a relationship with you because she knows? That everything is then resolved? The point is that the twinflames learn to see each other in the value they have for each other. That they are going to do something with it that they have met the other person. They will always do something with it from that meeting, there is no escaping that. What that is is different for each pair of twinflames. You can be sure that her life has changed forever. How she will handle that is up to her, her path, her choice. (Arundash)

Answer 7
How are you so sure that you were the first to know? Did you talk to her about it?

Answer 8
If she really is your twinflame, then she knows it deep down. In the unconscious. And then it will come up over time. That can take years, and that goes through all kinds of signs and “coincidences” in her path. At least that’s how it is with me and my twinflame. I was the first of both of us to know and he is still waking up as I call it. That means he lives his life but that moves very slowly towards me. For people who don’t know it is almost invisible, that’s how subtle it is. But I see it very clearly. There is also an incredible attraction between us when we see each other. We often speak the same words at the same time and I dream a lot about him. May I ask how you learned that she is your twinflame?

Answer 9
Dear Wieweet of answer 2; I always have so much to your wisdom (because that’s what they are!), thank you. The way you say it feels exactly the same for me. I am also the one who received the “baton” from my guide and I am very aware that I need to be very careful about that. My twin is not (yet) ready to tell him the plain truth, but in the meantime there is a very nice and steady development of his process and of mine because that is never separate. In my case, I know it will take another 28 years before we get together. And that time is desperately needed too. He is about to give a serious turn to his life because he wants to get married and have children. I feel so much love for him, I am happy for him if this is what he wants the most, only I’m not so sure about that. But it’s his process. I can only tell him that he should consider it well, nothing more. H! it goes as it should go, I have a firm faith in our universe.

Answer 10
From the first moment that you meet twinflame or ZV, there is a sense of recognition when they look into each other’s eyes. The other also often knows, but is not yet able to make the link. For some, this unknown feeling can come across as “anxious” and walk away from it. Because you know “it” means that you are spiritually further. It also depends on the (partner) past how quickly the term “twinflames” is picked up. Please note: FOR ANOTHER YOU CANNOT DETERMINE THAT IT IS YOUR Twin Soul. The other person should feel that, you cannot impose.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 11
@ answer 4: Is this not your ego that tries to tell you that it is not your twinflame @ answer 5: twinflame can feel that you are rid of your current partner. It will therefore be easier for you twinflame to come your way.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 12
A. 11 Alica: unbelievable, as you always seem to understand me so well when you don’t know me at all; good shot again. My thanks are very big, respect! 

Answer 13
Answer 9 …. do you think it is important that you are in control, correct me if I’m wrong but that sounds like it, if I am wrong then apologize, but if it is correct then how do you know now while you are not yet did you understand why your twinflame later “got it” than you, that she (your twin) will be ready in 28 years?

Answer 14
Answer 6 and Answer 10: WoW !. Answer 6: very good question, what he / she would like. Answer 10: so well that you highlight that another cannot determine for the other (not even your very own twinflame) that he / she is your twinflame. Thank you both.

Answer 15
I am the questioner. Answer 8. how did I get it? 2 years ago I worked 2 months in a small village in austria and from day 1 something happened to me every day. A lot of bizarre coincidences, I got a kind of power energy, met people I didn’t know but they did know me and only said positive things about the future about me. It was a kind of magic and I met my twinflame. From day 1 I was crazy about her. After those 2 months I went to read a lot on the internet. Because I really didn’t know what had happened to me. village and met her again.and I am sure that our souls are fused together. I only told her after a year.

Answer 16
Questioner I fully agree with answer 7: How do you know for sure that your twinflame has learned that later than you and not at the same time, what is obvious? What do you think: will she rather accept something from You or something from Above? I myself do not believe that one is the guide of the other, because why would one have a ‘guide’ and the other not? Indeed, there is equality in a twinflame relationship. There is no male / female relationship you remember? no the twinflames go completely right. It may well be that one thought about the concept of “twinflame” before, because he happened to have read about it before. But that does not mean that the other person, therefore she, has not been told from above that you have something special. All in due time, for suppose she would sooner come into contact with the concept of twinflame while she is in an environment that does not accept it and would rather reject it or talk by heart, then you are even farther than you would be! must be. So no, in a twinflame relationship there is no one playing for the other guide / boss. You have to assume that both will get things done in time. And because you are both different personalities, you deal with it in your own way. Good luck! And because you are both different personalities, you deal with it in your own way. Good luck! And because you are both different personalities, you deal with it in your own way. Good luck!

Answer 17
Questioner, I would also like to add to my previous answer : ‘knowing’ something does not mean much in itself, but only when something DOES it does KNOWING have value. If not then you might as well not know what you know, because you still don’t do anything with it.

Answer 18
@ 13, please help me because now I am confused (you get that with all those anonymous reactions …) You ask how he can know that he and his twinflame will only come together in 28 years. And I think you’re confused with me here, because I’m the one who got this, and I’m not the questioner. I have known my twinflame for 18 years, and I was allowed to know that we will reunite in 28 years. We are both in our sixties. Yes, I know it will take forever. But that time is desperately needed for both to grow to such an extent that it will work. I am already well on my way, and he has a slightly longer way to go. In the meantime we see each other as friends and our band is still being worked on from above. I also notice it every time I take some mental distance, then he calls me or otherwise contacts me. We are very fond of each other and get to know each other better and better. I firmly believe that both halves know, unconsciously, and that both will become aware, but rarely at the same time. That has to do with each having to go through your own process.

Answer 19
Hi 18: Oops sorry mistake; consider it never addressed to you. :). Hereby also my apologies to others who are wrongly addressed.

Answer 20
Answer 17. What should I do then? I think I will do everything possible. I am now working on a cruise boat. I have been informed by signs that I have to do that. I just follow my path. I still have a lot to learn. since my meeting everything goes smoothly for me. I am very lucky with things. I have such an idea that everything falls into place. And I hope for a good outcome. .and she only sent me back.that she only finds me a nice boy.more not.I think I have done enough.or not

Answer 21
Reply 20: so with you did ‘everything happen naturally’? How wonderful that must be! Because to know a secret? -> With me everything went by no means by itself! Since I met my twinflame, my life has been a big HORROR show to a large extent, especially shortly afterwards. I had mental health problems (of which I did not know where they came from but now I do), so I had to quit my job. I tried to go abroad, I now understand to flee my twinflame, but at that time I did not know that, with all the hassle and all its consequences. I had to leave the association I had been with for years. And so on. Great isn’t it? Just kidding. And did I get support from my twinflame who was enjoying a relationship under the roof, who lived in my neighborhood so he knew what I was going through? No! He has not supported me in any way. No thank you the cuckoo give my portion to Fikkie but I don’t need a ‘romantic’ relationship with my twinflame. I don’t believe we should come together. As soon as something has been learned, the need to connect with each other is over. You sound very young and I think you also have a long way to go. For example, becoming an adult?

Answer 22
@ 21; you sound very bitter, you know that? What a pity you feel that way. Because you may be grateful that you have come to know your soul love and may grow. It is, in my opinion, one of the nicest things that can happen to you as a person, as long as you go with the flow and stay with yourself. Trust, dear wife, that is what you need and what I wish for you.