Q0987. The same kind of voice


Do you and your twinflame have the same kind of voice? What struck me long before I knew that my twinflame is my twinflame is that he has the same kind of voice as me, about the same intonation, the same sound, about the same accent even while we’re not from the same region, it’s almost like I’m myself, so unreal! Recognizable?

Answer 1
I never paid attention to that actually that could be pretty good.

Answer 2
The same intonation, yes I recognize that. We also use many of the same expressions / words.

Answer 3
Yes with us a clear loud voice, not always loud, but 1 that makes clear that it does not run over itself haha, and a clear way of expressing it too. No heavy voice. And both a strong throat chakra I think.
(Who knows)