Q0659. What is stopping us anyway?


What keeps us from doubting and continuing to fight against this feeling? this is meant to allow .. I am convinced but then you may have to let go a lot, give up, change … is that the problem? we are all so stuck in our lives. I have never been sad about this love or this love, but I have never felt it because of the lack, the denial, the egos that do not want this to exist.

nswer 1
In my opinion, soul love is not only meant to unquestionably follow your heart and run after it. Yes, many are, as you say, stuck in a relationship, sometimes with children. And you don’t just give that up. You may want to let your children grow up and take responsibility for what you have once contracted. Perhaps there is, in addition to the soul love, also love for the partner with whom someone is married. That can co-exist, no matter how crazy it may sound. We live in an earthly world with earthly laws that simply make you “move” within certain frameworks. Of course you don’t have to do anything, but it requires a solid growth process to come to nothing that you don’t care about anymore, that it doesn’t matter to you whether your family wants to see you or not. You are and will remain a person who is connected to certain people around him and who does not want to hurt these people. Sometimes it is too early for soul love, and time will make everything right. I am convinced that everything is happening at the right time. So the soul love too. (Unknown)

Answer 2
Ultimately, you have to allow those feelings. But if it is not time yet, you can’t do anything no matter how difficult. You may want to speed it up because you are impatient and so .. but then it may not end well because it is not time yet. I am also impatient, would like to see twinflames and such .. but also know that it is not by ourselves to determine how it goes. You must surrender to your destiny. After a year or two, not a day goes by without my twinflame in my head, and for more than a year I know why the person who is a twinflame no longer wants to get out of my head, what’s going on. The moments that I feel unhappy are getting less and less and I’m getting a bit quieter. I have known several nasty periods in my life that eventually also passed so I am confident that it will now be fine. Only it is and remains difficult to be patient and surrender. (Unknown)

Answer 3
Yes, when I read all those stories here, I sometimes think; man dare to live! I also do not quite hear, I am just too late again to understand how everything goes! stomstomstom..sorry dear twin that I sometimes disable my feelings, ignoring different signals, I did not go on my intuition because then it would have turned out differently..but I have no doubts .. really not. (Unknown)

Answer 4
Yes, giving up is a problem for many, I think, not love itself even though it is overwhelming. You have to break down your own nest before this love can be fully experienced, our soul demands no less than that. And nobody likes to break down their current nest. Maybe many people started this life with a (too) high set of requirements, and because of the environment and upbringing, those demands are only increased by higher. Love itself is not the problem because we are almost all product of that same love. And we do not deny that. (Unknown)

Answer 5
I suddenly realize that my waiting for my twin (5 years in total it is going to be, I think) may have to do with the number of years that my son has not seen his father in this country, that was also 5 years , long years for his father. I deliberately kept the contact at a distance, from the age of 7 to 12 years. That was difficult for father and son. Now I can wait 5 years myself, retribution. speaking terms with each other, also friendly. (Unknown)

Answer 6
What has stopped us? I know what stopped me, namely fear and I have never or never been myself .. a lesson in self-discovery and now keep faith in my feelings and my choices .. sometimes difficult because sometimes it is very all when you have really become yourself again (Unknown)

Answer 7
I think you both have to go through something. In our case, I think it’s part of the process: the encounter. Being open, everything on the table and feeling the energy that exists between us. Said is easier than done. The situation is bizarre and overwhelming and the consequences are huge. Not to send, no control. That’s scary, but they also say liberating … (Unknown)

Answer 8 It is
scary and again not, we have known each other for so long. When you come home, when you talk and feel and you know that you are each other’s man / woman, that you find each other the most beautiful / dearest then it is no longer scary if you cannot steer it..the power is a bit scary, hold on to each other in your joint journey .. liberating it is stuck..am confident. and what if you suddenly feel nothing anymore haha, that it has been an illusion … when I write this, I already know that it is not .. Strength with your twin and on your journey .. love (Unknown)

Answer 9
We ourselves often are the jammer. Because for an optimal experience of soul love you have to do the scariest thing there is: come back to yourself. And most people think that it is just scary. People are often afraid of the confrontation with themselves, because that means that you have to come to terms with your own shadow sides. You have to make peace, as it were, with your ‘little me’, that is the child that is still in each of us. No matter how scary this is, it is true that your soul love shows you which path you should take. And as paradoxical as it may seem, you have to go that path alone! In the meantime, you remain very loyal to yourself and your choices are based on what YOU want, not what your twinflame would want. And it is necessary that you also continue to have faith in a positive outcome. Because everything has a reason and if it should be, then your twinflame will wait for you at the end of the ride … I wish you strength! (Unknown)