Q0984. By feeling


After some time, I felt him. And I feel something that is not right with my twinflame. Is this true, how can I feel this? I do not understand it, but I think it is hard for him. How can I help my twinflame? Someone who knows that?

Answer 1
After a while I too started to feel everything, and it got stronger too. I know my own feelings very well, but this was different. It is because an involuntary connection arises during the meeting. It is there immediately, but you need time to learn to feel it and even more to understand. Sometimes something can feel very alarming, as if you want to call 112. The only thing I want to advise is make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. That is the surest way to help the other, because your twinflame is permanently connected to you energetically. I often read about sending energy here, but what is meant by that is usually vague, and I would not start it if I had not already had much experience with it. That you know exactly how it works, what you are doing. Like an energetic therapist. Although he first asks if it is allowed. You can of course send ‘love’ as it is called, but are you sure that it is selfless, unconditional, not compassionate, that you have no ulterior motives, that you can leave it on the other side? I would not start. See also my answer to 979.

Answer 2
Dear questioner, here too it applies: ask your twinflame, and no not in an energetic / astral way, no just from person to person. It may be that what you feel comes from you. It is possible that you now feel that way because the situation is not satisfactory? Maybe it’s a reverse of what your twinflame has ever felt. Furthermore, I think that a twinflame is not God, or an angel, nor mother Theresa and the like, he / she cannot always be there for you – maybe your twinflame should allow space. And try to work on yourself so that you become more independent. A lot of strength and success.

Answer 3
You can certainly feel a twinflame when things are going well or badly! Sometimes this is even unnoticed. It is the process of the other. You can’t do much about this, than support it from a distance. It is about whether you let the other person go through his process. When you help, you postpone the process because your twinflame has not learned his / her lesson. Send strength and love from a distance, that he / she may gain insights.
(Alicia S.)

Answer 4
Yes, I also know that feeling, as Arundash says it is something that you get when you connect with your twinflame and that you have to get used to. At first I also did not know that certain things came from my twinflame. Now I can make that distinction better. It goes so far that sometimes I even feel his hangover after an evening drink, his tiredness, but also his love and warmth, and distance. If he takes me away energetically, I feel that and vice versa. If I do that, he will contact you soon … I myself have experience in controlling energy and that is positive. I once helped him get rid of his cold so that he could still come to our appointment. I was still watching most of it myself. I haven’t told him yet, I’ll do that again.

Answer 5
Answer 1: Is it not more logical to simply ask your twinflame if there is something, instead of getting stuck in all kinds of vague complexities?

Answer 6
Answer 1: I think that you certainly cannot determine what someone else should or should not do, so please be careful with statements such as ‘I would not do that’. For me, pity is a positive trait.

Answer 7
On answer 6: .. can not determine what someone else should or should not do .. what someone here asks on the site? Then that person receives advice, advice is not a determination. About the advice itself: I say ‘I wouldn’t do that’. How can you decide that you are going to help your twinflame without asking him or her first? Because you think you know so well what the other person needs? I read on the site very often that you can get involved with your twinflame energetically / astral, heal something remotely etc. While you would not get that in your head in the physical world. Step inside and say: I’ll come and repair your washing machine. In addition, you still ring first. Why? Because we respect certain limits. You will also have to do that in the energetic field. It is lesson number 1 of consciously dealing with each other energetically.